Jeep Cherokee AC Compressor

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    1-24 of 59 Results

    About Jeep Cherokee AC Compressor

    By providing carlike driving and Jeep's celebrated off-roading capabilities, your Cherokee leads the crossover market. Before warmer weather hits, make sure you have a functional Jeep Cherokee AC compressor. It's the pump that sends refrigerant through the air conditioning system to keep you cool on every adventure.

    The refrigerant in your vehicle is transformed into gas as the AC compressor for Jeep Cherokee compresses it and sends it through the tubes of the condenser and expansion valve. It cools the air in your cabin, and then reverts to liquid to complete the cycle. AutoZone sells the Cherokee air conditioning compressor that fits your system. Get trustworthy advice provided by helpful staff and a Loan-a-Tool Program when you need a little assistance to do the job yourself.



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    Ice Cold AC in Jeeo

    Major Weakness YouTube

    in 4 years

    See at Major Weakness YouTube Channel, worked fine, take it to a professional for evacuation and charging, jeep ac units are very picky and must be exact to work properly, unit came pre oiled

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ