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Get an exact fit for your Jeep CJ7

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1-13 of 13 Results


      Jeep CJ7 AC Compressor

      As a direct descendent of the military vehicle that started it all, your Jeep CJ is designed for rugged driving. Before you go on your next adventure, check the Jeep CJ AC compressor. It keeps refrigerant circulating through the air conditioning system so you get cool air and a comfortable trip.

      Filling the system with Freon doesn't work if the AC compressor for Jeep CJ isn't functioning properly. The low-pressure refrigerant gets compressed and sent through the condenser and the expansion valve, chilling the air coming through your vents as the cycle proceeds. When you want to perform your own AC repair, AutoZone provides everything you need to do it right. In addition to low prices, we offer trustworthy advice provided by helpful staff and a Loan-a-Tool Program.