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1-24 of 52 Results

1-24 of 52 Results


      Kia Sorento AC Compressor

      Engineered to handle every type of terrain, your Kia Sorento can be depended upon to get you where you want to go. In order to function at full capacity, your SUV in turn depends on you to provide it with only the best parts and services. We only offer the best Kia Sorento AC compressors at AutoZone.

      With its roomy and luxurious cabin, your Sorento has to work hard to keep the air inside comfortable and cool. Don't make it work overtime with a second-rate product - use our Same Day Store Pickup to get our premium Sorento air conditioning compressor today. When you purchase AutoZone's AC compressor for Kia Sorento, you can rest assured that the quality of your part couldn't be better. Take advantage of our convenient Loan-a-Tool Program and get your AC system running efficiently in no time.