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1-24 of 25 Results


      Mazda 6 AC Compressor

      Not only is your Mazda nimble and engaging to drive, it also has a comfortable cabin. But when temperatures climb, the pleasure of your ride is compromised - unless you have a functioning air conditioner. Before you add Freon, check the hoses for leaks and make sure your Mazda 6 AC compressor is in working order.

      The AC compressor for Mazda 6 compresses the refrigerant, sending it to the condenser, where it's transformed into a gas. As it goes through the tubes of the system, heat is released, and the cooling gas sends chilled air through the vents. As the gas returns to the compressor, it reverts to liquid, and the process begins again. AutoZone carries Mazda 6 air conditioning compressor replacements at low prices. When you don't have everything you need to do the job, we offer trustworthy advice provided and a Loan-a-Tool Program.