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1-24 of 31 Results

1-24 of 31 Results


      Mazda Tribute AC Compressor

      There are few vehicles that offer practicality, excellent handling and agility while having an affordable price. When you drive your Mercedes Tribute, you want the best while feeling the best. Enjoy your drive to work or on a back country road any time of year by replacing the Mazda Tribute AC compressor.

      In extreme heat conditions without a working AC compressor for your Mercedes Tribute, the epoxy-coated coil responsible for engaging your clutch can malfunction if the epoxy melting off. With no lubrication, the pulley stops rotating and your clutch seizes up. By replacing your Tribute air conditioning compressor with a new one from AutoZone online, you avoid this situation entirely and save your engine. Order now for Same Day Store Pickup. Don't forget about the Loan-a-Tool Program so you can get the job done with the right tools in no time.