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Get an exact fit for your Pontiac GTO

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1-15 of 15 Results


      Pontiac GTO AC Compressor

      Your Pontiac GTO has been noted among cars for its enhanced horsepower and handling, making it a pure joy to drive. When the Pontiac GTO AC compressor starts failing that joy turns to pure frustration. Don't get caught without a functioning air conditioner when AutoZone has a replacement.

      The job of the GTO air conditioning compressor is to turn liquid refrigerant into cool, refreshing air. You probably rely on your car's air conditioner on particularly hot days, so when it breaks down, it's very noticeable. Fortunately, you don't have to suffer for long since AutoZone provides the right products at the right prices to get your car back to fine form. Other services are offered to improve your ride, including free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing. You should also take a look at AutoZone's Loan-a-Tool Program.