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Get an exact fit for your Scion tC

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1-17 of 17 Results


      Scion tC AC Compressor

      The interior of your tC is spacious and comfortable in spite of the vehicle's compact size. Battle the heat of summer months by making sure all the components of your air conditioning system are working correctly. The Scion tC AC compressor is a primary player in keeping your cabin cool.

      Freon is pumped through the system by the tC air conditioning compressor. The liquid refrigerant is pressurized and transformed into a gas before being circulated through the hoses, where the heat is released and the cooling gas creates the chilled air that lowers the temperatures in your car. When you're ready to install a replacement AC compressor for Scion tC, visit AutoZone for trustworthy advice provided by helpful staff, a Loan-a-Tool Program and the right products at the right prices.