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Get an exact fit for your Subaru Impreza

1-24 of 24 Results

1-24 of 24 Results


      Subaru Impreza AC Compressor

      With sporty lines and all-wheel drive, your Impreza has the performance to back up its good looks. Complete the package by replacing your Subaru Impreza AC compressor, which ensures your cabin stays cool and comfy. This component is a vital part of your car's AC system.

      Whether you're on a road trip, an excursion to the mountains or navigating forest roads, your Impreza is a capable vehicle. Be prepared for the hot days with a new AC compressor for Subaru Impreza. By compressing liquid refrigerant into gas, your compressor allows the refrigerant to be sent through your AC tubes, releasing heat and lowering the temperature. AutoZone's staff is trustworthy and ready to answer your questions. They're there to point out the right products at the right prices and they're happy to tell you about our Loan-a-Tool Program.