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Get an exact fit for your Subaru Outback

1-24 of 39 Results

1-24 of 39 Results


      Subaru Outback AC Compressor

      With its superior control, handling and clearance, your Outback is well-prepared to cross even the desert from which it gets its name. On any challenging journey, though, you want your air conditioning system to be in top shape for those blistering days. Replace your Subaru Outback AC compressor to ensure you stay cool when you need to.

      In your Outback, the journey's just as much fun as the destination. However, if your air conditioning's on the fritz, the journey can be miserable. A new AC compressor for Subaru Outback keeps you cool by compressing your liquid refrigerant into a gas which is then circulated through your AC system's tubes. Learn more by speaking with the knowledgeable staff at your local AutoZone. They're happy to point out the right products at the right prices and to charge your battery and test your engine for free.