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1-24 of 88 Results


      Toyota Corolla AC Compressor

      With superior fuel economy and handling, you never have to worry about getting to your destination in your Toyota Corolla. So why should you worry about getting stuck in hot weather or defrosting your windshield? The Toyota Corolla AC compressor does more than just keep you cool, so replace it today.

      The most common symptoms of a broken AC compressor for your Toyota Corolla is a loud whining or squealing sound and leaking. It's responsible for compressing refrigerant into pressurized liquid before sending it to your vehicle's air condenser. The refrigerant is converted into gas and quickly cooled to keep you ride comfortable. It's also needed to keep the ventilation and heating elements in the defrost cycle working. Save time and money by ordering a Corolla air conditioning compressor replacement. Don't forget to stop by a local AutoZone near you for a free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing.

      Keep Cool
      Hot, humid days can be unbearable. If your vehicle's air conditioner isn't working right, even a short trip to the store can feel like a thousand-mile trip. Instead of waiting for cooler weather, get to the source of the problem. If the fix requires more than just topping of the freon, AutoZone has the Toyota Corolla air conditioning compressor or other parts you need to ride in comfort.

      A Welcome Cold Heart
      Even if every other part is working correctly, a vehicle's AC compressor is the heart of the system. It's job is to pressurize the system and ensure the coolant is flowing. The engine powers the compressor through a V-belt, which compresses refrigerant into gas form and carries it to the rest of the system. Constant use while in motion and the general turning the air off and on can eventually lead to a comprised system.

      Symptoms and Sources
      Like most other parts of a vehicle, the AC compressor will begin to show signs of trouble. While some may easily be overlooked, others are quite evident. If it is damaged or failing, telltale signs may include leaking, loud noises when in use, and reduced or no cool air flow. The causes for the reduction may include defective clamping device, shaft leaks, housing damage, connection failure, low fluid levels, corrosion or buildup. Moisture and humidity themselves can also be a compressor's foe. Along with cooling the inside air, it is working to expel the warm air. The mix can leave behind contaminants and moisture that can begin to compromise the system.

      When trying to determine if it's time to find the right ac compressor for your Toyota Corolla or if it's another part causing the problem, it's important to check that all hoses, lines, clamps, belts and associated parts are damage-free and connected proper, as well as looking for signs of a leak. Be sure to note if the compressor is switching on properly. If not, check that the connectors are clean and enough voltage is getting through.

      Reliable, Low-Cost Parts
      To get your air flowing cold, AutoZone has the best prices on ac compressors, as well as quality parts from industry leaders. Our range of options meet or exceed OEM requirements, ensuring optimal performance and secure fit. Since compressors have a tough job, they are all tested to ensure they can handle the job without leaking or disconnecting. Additionally, having the best ac compressor for Toyota Corolla means it comes with the parts you need to make the fix, including gaskets, o-rings or sealing washers.

      AutoZone strives to make finding what you need easy. Whether in store or online, our automotive experts can guide you to the right fit for your specific vehicle. Our website also makes the search easy by providing search filters to get you to your best options.