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Get an exact fit for your Volkswagen Beetle

1-24 of 46 Results

1-24 of 46 Results


      Volkswagen Beetle AC Compressor

      The distinctive style of your Beetle makes it easy to pick out in any parking lot, and the performance provides you with a fun driving experience. Don't let a malfunctioning Volkswagen Beetle AC compressor ruin your ride on sunny days. Order a replacement from AutoZone to keep your cool wherever you go.

      An AC compressor for Volkswagen Beetle moves liquid refrigerant through the hoses of the air conditioning system. On its journey, the Freon is transformed into a gas, which is rapidly cooled to produce the chilled air that makes your car comfortable, even on the hottest days of summer. When you want to install a Beetle air conditioning compressor yourself, but you don't have all the tools to do the job, take advantage of AutoZone's Loan-a-Tool Program. Our store benefits include trustworthy advice provided by a helpful staff, as well as free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing.