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1-9 of 9 Results

1-9 of 9 Results


      Audi A6 AC Heater Blower Motor

      With aesthetic appeal and a smooth ride, your Audi A6 is an excellent luxury car to own. To keep this great piece of engineering in prime condition, replace any parts when they break down, including your Audi A6 A/C blower motor, with a high-quality component from AutoZone.

      Your vehicle's heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems rely on the heater blower for Audi A6 to function properly. You're likely to notice that there's an issue when the fan doesn't work at low speeds, but it still works fine at high speeds. This is a clear indicator that there's a broken resistor, and replacements are easily found at your local AutoZone. Trustworthy advice provided by a helpful staff is incredibly useful.