Buick Century AC Heater Blower Motor

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1-24 of 55 Results

    1-24 of 55 Results

    About Buick Century AC Heater Blower Motor

    On a hot day, you don't want to be stuck with no A/C in your car. It isn't very fun to deal with the heat when you're stuck in traffic and have no air movement through the windows. If you're having issues with your A/C, it might be time for a new Buick Century A/C blower motor from AutoZone.

    When it's warm outside, you don't want to sit in a hot car. Moreover, you probably aren't really happy about sporting the windblown look you get from having the windows rolled down. However, if your Century air conditioner blower motor goes out, that's exactly what is going to happen because your A/C isn't going to work anymore. So, head to AutoZone, where we provide the right products at the right prices to help you score the best deals.



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    in 6 years

    My A/C main fuse kept blowing, so I substituted a higher amperage fuse. It also blew. I knew then, that the clutch coil was going bad. The one I got from AutoZone was a perfect match. Although it was a challenge to get the clutch apart, I was able to borrow the tools necessary to do it. I did not have to remove the compressor from the engine or recharge the system to do this job. When I put the clutch assembly back together again with the new coil, everything worked perfectly. Good job AutoZone.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2000 Buick Century.