Ford Explorer AC Heater Blower Motor

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1-24 of 48 Results

    1-24 of 48 Results

    About Ford Explorer AC Heater Blower Motor

    With a plush interior, attractive features and a smooth ride, your Ford Explorer is all about comfort. But it's hard to get comfortable in your SUV when the interior climate control isn't working properly. Replace the malfunctioning heater motor for your Ford Expedition with a new one from AutoZone and regain control of your vehicle's climate.

    The most common sign that something is not right with your A/C heater blower motor is when the fan works on the high speed setting, but not at lower speeds. The cause: a faulty resistor. In more extreme cases, the fan may stop working altogether because of a failure in the fan motor or wiring. AutoZone carries an Explorer air conditioner blower motor to solve the problem.