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Get an exact fit for your Honda Accord

1-6 of 6 Results

1-6 of 6 Results


      Honda Accord Heater Core

      An inexplicably foggy windshield is a sign that your car's heater core has failed and is leaking moisture into your vehicle's interior. Clear up your view with a new Honda Accord heater core from AutoZone.

      Coolant runs through your heater core on its way from your engine, warming air blowing across the core for use in your climate control system. A leaky core releases coolant into your interior to condense on your windshield or pool into puddles on your car's passenger side floor. AutoZone's commitment to providing the right products at the right prices delivers a heater core replacement for Honda Accord designed to be a perfect fit to your vehicle for years of dependable use. Order today for Same Day Store Pickup.