Honda Prelude Heater Core

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1-2 of 2 Results

    1-2 of 2 Results

    About Honda Prelude Heater Core

    Efficiently customizable, your Prelude is just the vehicle you need to express yourself when you're out on the road. Part of that includes keeping it in top shape inside and out, which is why replacing a defective Honda Prelude heater core is essential.

    Prelude heater cores allow your defrosting system to work, and they also produce the warm air that your blower circulates to keep your cabin comfortable. When they fail, it's common to notice the blower air getting considerably cooler, or even freezing cold. When that happens, ordering a new Honda Prelude heater core from AutoZone gives you the chance to stock up on everything you need without worrying about extra costs, or making any extra trips.