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Rein Hose CHH0205P
  • Part # CHH0205P
Notes: Right. Heater valve to Heater core. Built from 03/1996.
Rein Hose CHH0508
  • Part # CHH0508
  • Warranty: 
Notes: Heater outlet to engine
Rein Hose CHH0222P
  • Part # CHH0222P
Notes: Heater valve to heater core (right).
Rein Hose CHH0529
  • Part # CHH0529
  • Warranty: 
Notes: Heater outlet pipe to flange to transmission oil cooler
Rein Hose CHH0109P
  • Part # CHH0109P
Notes: Heater inlet to heater valve outlet. With quick connector
Rein Hose CHH0206R
  • Part # CHH0206R
Notes: Engine to heater control valve.
Rein Hose CHH0658
  • Part # CHH0658
Notes: Heater inlet to pipe
Rein Hose CHH0250R
  • Part # CHH0250R
Notes: With A/C, Heater inlet
Rein Hose CHH0264P
  • Part # CHH0264P
Notes: Auxiliary water pump inlet.
Rein Hose CHH0210R
  • Part # CHH0210R
Notes: Heater Inlet To Flange. 4-Wheel ABS. Without Electronically Regulated A/C
Rein Hose CHH0561
  • Part # CHH0561
  • Warranty: 
Notes: Heater outlet pipe to pipe.
Rein Hose CHH0153R
  • Part # CHH0153R
Notes: (Return) Heat exchanger to auxiliary water pump.