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Dorman Hose 626-541
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Dorman Hose 626-541

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Part # 626-541
SKU # 202407
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Protective Sleeve Attached
No Protective Sleeve Required
Natural/No Finish
Aluminum and Rubber

Quality engineered to resist corrosion and coolant leaks, the Dorman HVAC Heater Hose Assembly is designed to limit the possibility of overheating and subsequent engine damage. Original HVAC heater hose assemblies typically require replacement due to cracks in the original Y-connector plastic construction. Our OE FIX repair solution addresses this common failure mode by upgrading the Y-connector material to aluminum for increased durability and a longer service life. Plus, Dorman Heater Hose Assemblies are application-specific, and ensure the easiest, cost-savings alternative to replacing the entire assembly.

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    Save time and money by replacing the failed original hose, instead of the entire heater hose assembly
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    Includes necessary clamps for a complete repair
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    Replacement of failed hose seals the cooling system, restoring drivability
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    Rigorous quality control measures have been undertaken to ensure this part conforms to product standards