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Duralast Radiator B13397

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Part # B13397
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Innovative engineering, manufacturing technology, and quality control ensure that Duralast Radiators meet or exceed the performance of the original equipment they replace. That extends to all components, including engine and transmission oil coolers.
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    Engineered to stringent tolerances designed by our in-house engineering team who have in-depth knowledge of the OE part it’s designed to replace.
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    Gasket and O-rings are thermal shocked to ensure durability in extreme cold weather.
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    Installation guidelines provided in the box.
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    All radiators are subjected to an aging and endurance test to validate their performance under extreme weather conditions.
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    OE design to ensure exact fit, form, and function for an easy drop-in installation.
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    Built with high-density multi-louvered fins for maximum cooling efficiency.
Keep your engine cool
Duralast Radiators. Duralast Radiators provide the most reliable cooling solution for your vehicle: Deep Extrusion Header, Thermal Expansion Cuts, Find Edge Design, Longer Header Tabs

knowledge is power

The radiator is a major part of your vehicle's cooling system that works together with the engine cooling fan, water pump and thermostat to maintain the proper engine temperature by removing absorbed heat from the engine coolant.

Your engine cooling system contains Antifreeze + Engine Coolant. Over time leaks may develop. You may notice colored water under your vehicle's engine area. This is a sure sign of a coolant leak.

Flushing the cooling system will help prevent contaminating the new radiator. Always use the correct type of new Antifreeze + Engine Coolant. Dispose of used engine coolant just like used engine oil.

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