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    1-1 of 1 Results

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    About Saturn SC Radiator

    Efficient and sporty, your Saturn SC is ideal when you have to spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Hours on the road cause heat build-up, though. Protect your engine by cleaning or updating your Saturn SC radiator with quality components from AutoZone.

    Draining, flushing and refilling the cooling system is essential to preventing rust damage to your radiator for Saturn SC. Without all proper maintenance, engine performance suffers. High temperatures can cause damaging swelling and pressure to pistons, hoses and other parts under the hood. AutoZone carries SC radiators that keep your engine safe and your ride performing well for years to come. Order online and get Same-Day Store Pick-up or delivery on your purchase. Friendly employees are standing by to provide automotive solutions the next time you visit your local store, and our Loan-a-Tool program provides the equipment you need for any DIY installation job.



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    This Chinesium radiator leaks Transmission fluid!


    in 3 years

    Tihis is my second new "Duralast" radiator in 3 months. The OEM radiator lasted 20 years and 272K miles. I replaced it with this Duralast A2191. On Day 1 it leaked transmission fluid at the threaded fitting for the upper transmission fluid line. I then replace the line with a new GM upper hose P/N 21031307. I could feel the flared hose seat properly when I snugged the transmission line down. Still leaked transmission fluid. I exchanged the radiator under warranty. Installed the 2nd Duralast radiator. IT LEAKED trans fluid at the same fitting. . AAAARRRGGGGHHH!!!!!! BTW DO NOT use the clips furnished with the radiator. The threaded hole in the clip is offset differently than the OEM clips, and you will NEVER be able to line up the bolts to attach the condensor to the radiator. NEVER! Reuse your old clips. I am ordering a new GM radiator and taking this radiator out and smashing it into a 1,000 pieces with my sledge hammer.. thank you. Have a nice day

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2001 Saturn SC2

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    Duralast Radiator 2002 Saturn SC2


    in 3 months

    The only issue was the fitment it was a inch to tall I had to remove the rubber mounts and were the AC condenser mounts to the radiator the supports were not there. But the over all performance was great

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2002 Saturn SC2

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    This Radiator is Cool


    in 4 years

    I was losing coolant from my old radiator, fairly high up on the tank on my 2209 Saturn SC2. This was a great fitting unit that came at a very reasonable price. I definitely shopped around and another plus was the availability of it. The only issue was the paper work tells you to replace the coolant and the thermostat. I bought a gallon and had enough coolant from when I had topped off the system when the old radiator was in it/leaking. As for the thermostat, mine is fine and so as long as the radiator is good, there won't be a problem. I'm a master tech and know when a thermostat is bad and needs replacement. Thanks. I refuse to be strong armed into a purchase. This includes shelling out the cost of the additional coolant (since I already had the extra) and a thermostat. If not for that, I would have rated this five stars.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2009 Saturn SC2