Ford Escape Thermostat

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    1-24 of 33 Results

    About Ford Escape Thermostat

    A stylish, comfortable crossover SUV, your Ford Escape offers dependable performance and fuel economy. Unfortunately, neither of these matter if your engine overheats because of a faulty thermostat. At AutoZone, a thermostat replacement for Ford Escape is both affordable and easy to install.

    Escape thermostats serve to maintain the engine's operating temperature. A worn thermostat won't allow coolant to circulate effectively through the engine block, which causes the engine to overheat. You'll know you have a failing thermostat if the engine runs fine for a few minutes then overheats quickly, or if you hear gurgling, rumbling or a boiling sound like a steam pipe knocking. Thermostats fail for a couple for reasons such as corrosion and wear caused repeated cycles over time. Order your Ford Escape thermostat online from AutoZone and get Same Day Store Pickup and home shipping.



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    Works as it should


    in 2 years

    Thermostat worked as it should and fit well. It does not come with the o-ring seal so be sure to save your old one or purchase separately.

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