Ford Fusion Thermostat

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1-24 of 24 Results

    1-24 of 24 Results

    About Ford Fusion Thermostat

    Ford Fusions are impossible to miss on the roads with their sophisticated styling and their dynamic handling. Your Ford Fusion's spacious interior has always suited your needs perfectly, so make sure that the inside of your Fusion's hood is just as functional as well with a new Ford Fusion thermostat from AutoZone.

    Fusion thermostats are critical to the proper functioning of Fusion engines. This part regulates the temperature of the engine and causes overheating and malfunctions of the engine when it fails. Cabin heaters also stop working when there is a problem with the thermostat. Get your thermostat replacement for Ford Fusion from AutoZone and feel secure in the knowledge that you're getting the right product for the right price. AutoZone also offers home shipping, so combine a few parts and get a great deal while you're at it.



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    Didn't work


    in 2 years

    Thermostat wouldn't open up. Had to do job a second time because of defective part.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2012 Ford Fusion