Toyota Avalon Thermostat

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1-8 of 8 Results

    1-8 of 8 Results

    About Toyota Avalon Thermostat

    The reliability, comfort and power of your Avalon make every drive pleasant. Even the most dependable car develops an issue now and then. If you're hearing gurgling and rumbling under the hood, or it sounds as if you have a steam pipe knocking, that's a faulty Toyota Avalon thermostat, and you need to replace it right away with a part from AutoZone.

    Avalon thermostats have the important job of maintaining the right operating temperature for your motor. When there's an issue, coolant doesn't circulate through the engine block, and you're in danger of overheating, which is often fatal for an engine. The first few minutes of your drive don't give you any indication, but a rapidly climbing temperature gauge means you should get a thermostat replacement for Toyota Avalon immediately. Order from AutoZone online and enjoy home shipping, or choose Same Day Store Pickup and get started on your repair today.



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    Failsafe Thermostat 7281-180


    in a year

    This thermostat is working perfect!! The old one was staying open allowing the engine to run cold!! The the new thermostat fixed the problem!

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 1995 Toyota Avalon

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    in 2 years

    Faulty thermostat. Never work need to return and now since it did that i didnt know that it was the thermostat car sat for 4 months and im sure i cant get my money back only a new. I want to get a different brand or something

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2003 Toyota Avalon