In a Hurry? Speed Up Your Visit with Shopping Lists

Build your shopping list on and send it directly to your local store. You'll save time because you won't have to search for the parts you need at the counter - we already know what you need!

Talk about convenience! In addition to printing your shopping list at home, you can now send your shopping list directly to the parts counter at your local AutoZone store.

After you've made your shopping list, click the "Send List to Store" button and your list will be waiting for you at your preferred AutoZone. All you have to do is tell the AutoZoner behind the counter that you've made an shopping list, and he or she will take it from there. Plus, once you buy your parts, all of your warranty information will be registered automatically in our national warranty database.

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1. What actually happens when I send my shopping list to a store?
What you're doing is entering your parts wishlist into AutoZone's computer database, which can then be accessed from your selected AutoZone store.
2. Why is it faster to send my shopping list to a store from
Because all of the information an AutoZoner needs to get your parts off the shelf is already in the computer. Plus, if you're picking up a part with a warranty, your shopping list automatically registers it for you.
3. How long will my shopping list be on AutoZone's store computers?
Your list will be in the computer until the end of the day.
4. What about after that?
Your shopping list disappears if you don't stop by an AutoZone store and make your purchase. If you still want the parts, simply re-enter the shopping list.
5. Can I alter my shopping list at the store?
Yes. Your shopping list is a time-saving tool, not an agreement to purchase specific items. Feel free to change anything on it.
6. Are my parts on hold?
No. Your shopping list does not reserve your parts. Remember, it's a time-saving tool. If you want to reserve specific parts, call your neighborhood store and ask that your parts be put on hold. Or check out   Buy Online and Pick Up In Store   to purchase your parts online and have them ready when you get to the store.
7. If I successfully send my list to the store, does that mean my parts are in stock?
If your parts are not available at your neighborhood store, will let you know. In other words, if your shopping list is sent successfully, your parts are in stock.
8. Why do you want my phone number?
We use your unique phone number as your reservation number for the shopping list and as the reference number for all warranties you have on AutoZone parts.
9. Will you use my phone number for any other purpose?
No. We value your privacy as much as you do, and will not use your phone number for any purpose other than recording your warranty and shopping list information in our store computers. We believe carefully protected phone numbers are the safest, most accurate way to record unique warranty information. For more details on our dedication to your privacy, read our   Privacy Policy. .
10. What do I need to take to the store to pick up the parts on my shopping list?
Nothing. Simply approach the parts counter, give the AutoZoner your phone number, and your information will appear on the screen.
11. Can I pay online and pick up the parts at a store?
Absolutely! We offer Buy Online and Pick Up In Store at many AutoZone locations, and we're rolling out new stores with the Pick Up In Store option all the time. To find out more about this option, read about   Buy Online and Pick Up In Store .

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