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1-13 of 13 Results


      Visor Replacement

      Quality Visor Replacement for Safe Travels

      Every part of your vehicle serves a purpose. While some are integral to a vehicle's operation, such as the engine and fuel tank, other parts are there to ensure passenger safety, such as air bags and seat belts. Other features may not seem that detrimental until you really need it. While a visor may not get used all the time, when driving straight toward the blinding sunshine, it can help ensure safe travels. A hanging or missing visor could be a factor in a mishap. Luckily, AutoZone has the best visor replacements for cars and trucks.

      Useful Tool

      Designed to be simple, a visor is a useful tool. Some may come decked out with lights and mirrors while others may just be there to serve their main function. Regardless, with so many people on the road, any steps you can take to maximize safety are worth the effort.

      Impaired Vision

      From cellphones to passengers and aggressive drivers, you have enough distractions when operating your vehicle. The last thing you need is a sagging or torn visor impairing your vision and keeping you from focusing on the road head. AutoZone has lowest prices on visor replacements to ensure your focus stays where it needs to be.

      Detached Visors

      Over time, the plastic parts a vehicle comes with can become brittle and crack. This can lead to visors not be securely attached. If every turn results in a visor heading straight for you head, it's time to get it fixed. When it comes to loose or broken parts not keeping the visor in place, kits are available to replace the hardware with a little upgrade. Instead of replacing an entire assembly, these aluminum parts are designed for a proper fit and easy installation, saving you time and money. They have upgraded components that are designed for durability and a secure fit. Extra parts are also available, including clips and brackets.

      Visor Replacement

      Whether torn, stained or just worn out from years of wear and tear, sometimes the visor seems to be a hopeless case. A recover kit is a cost-effective way to breathe new life back into your existing visors without worrying about total replacement. These kits require no sewing and come with everything you need to turn a droopy visor into one that looks like it just came out of the factory. Their universal design makes them suitable for any type of vehicle. They come with detailed instructions to make the task easy and are available in various colors to ensure you get the right match.

      Local Store

      Don't let failing interior parts get in your way. When you have finally had enough of your broken visor and search for “visor replacements near me,” count on AutoZone and its experts for the right parts and support to help keep you and your passengers safe.