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Dorman OE FIX Visor Repair Kit

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Part # 924-531
SKU # 385262
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Part #924-531
SKU #385262
The Dorman Sun Visor Repair Kit offers a cost-savings advantage by providing everything you need to repair a sagging or drooping sun visor. Over time, the original sun visor often requires replacement due to everyday use and general wear and tear. The original plastic parts become brittle and crack, resulting in the purchase of an entirely new sun visor assembly from the Dealer. The Dorman OE FIX sun visor repair kit includes all new components, upgraded to aluminum for a sturdier and more secure fit - eliminating the need to purchase a new sun visor assembly, saving you shop time and money.
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    Restores and repairs vehicle's sagging sun visor
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    Save time, money and labor by repairing just the sagging or damaged sun visor, instead of replacing the entire assembly
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    Direct replacement ensures a proper fit every time
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    Sun visor clips and brackets also available, sold separately