Which Marine Battery is Right for You?

Don't let a dead battery sink your weekend plans. Duralast Marine and RV Batteries are designed to get you and keep you on the water. These marine batteries are manufactured with the cold cranking amps, reserve capacity, and vibration resistance to keep you operating in the demanding marine and RV environments.

  • Patented grid manufacturing technology produces grids engineered to be more efficient for optimal performance
  • Best-in-Class vent caps are engineered to be safer and reduce leakage and corrosion
  • Solidium™ welds are designed to stop corrosion and prevent premature failure
  • Lifespan™ negative paste is formulated to improve performance and battery life

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1. Duralast Marine Starting Battery

The power you need to get your boat on the water or run light accessories on your RV.

  • Designed to provide the Cold Cranking Amps necessary to start your engine

2. Duralast Marine Deep Cycle Battery

More power to provide energy for your multiple accessories such as radios, depth finders, cooking accessories etc., also great for your RV while camping.

  • Engineered to run your trolling motor and accessories. Allows your electronics to remain on while the engine is off
  • Improved cycling and durability over dual purpose batteries

3. OPTIMA Marine Blue Top Battery

Ideal battery if you have extreme demands when boating or traveling in your RV.

  • Absorbed Glass Mat technology for the most starting power, more running time, faster recharge and up to twice the life of traditional marine batteries
  • Spill proof for mounting in any position and maximum safety
  • Engineered for 15 times more vibration resistance than traditional batteries
  • Can be stored longer than traditional batteries

Learn more about OPTIMA batteries.

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