The 10 Best Products to Support Catalytic Converter Cleaning and Performance

Catalytic converters play a pivotal role in your vehicle's operation. They are a part of the exhaust system that minimizes harmful pollutants released from your car's tailpipe. Catalytic converters take chemicals like hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and other similar substances to convert them into water vapors and carbon dioxide that are safer for the environment. 

What is a Catalytic Converter Cleaner?

Catalytic converters typically last about 100,000 miles before they may require replacement, but many can last longer. Unfortunately, these instruments can get clogged, and as a result, they might need to either be cleaned or replaced. 

A catalytic converter or fuel system cleaner is typically a formula you can put into your fuel chamber that clears out carbon deposits in your catalytic converter and likely the rest of your fueling system — including fuel injectors. The signs that it may be time to clean or replace your catalytic converter include heightened fuel consumption, dark exhaust smoke, and the smell of sulfur from your exhaust pipe. 

Depending on how severe the clog or damage to your catalytic converter is, a fuel system or catalytic converter cleaner can help you improve this component’s function. There are a variety of options out there, and here are some picks that we recommend.

Top Catalytic Converter Cleaners

CataClean Fuel Cleaner 16.7oz

Do you need to lower those hydrocarbon emissions? Well, the CataClean Fuel Cleaner 16.7oz is a solid choice to consider. This formula can reduce hydrocarbon emissions by 50%, decrease carbon build-up within the fuel system, and clean out the entire fuel system (including oxygen sensors, fuel injectors, and the catalytic converter). The optimal performance from this formula is for it to be used every three months. 

Rislone Cat Complete Fuel, Exhaust and Emissions System Cleaner 16.9oz

A check engine light is something you don’t want to see when you’re ready to get your emissions test. Fortunately, a product like the Rislone Cat Complete Fuel, Exhaust and Emissions System Cleaner 16.9oz can help switch that light off and clean out the soot, carbon build-up, and residue in your fuel system. A clogged catalytic converter can drive up that gas bill. A formula like this can restore the efficiency of your fuel system and make your trip to the pump more affordable. 

CRC Guaranteed To Pass Fuel System Cleaner 12oz

Unsure if your vehicle will pass an emissions test? The CRC Guaranteed To Pass Fuel System Cleaner 12oz could be the formula you need to pass with flying colors. The recommendation is to use this one every 3,000 miles to improve fuel economy, acceleration, and reduce emissions. This product does set itself apart since it offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t pass, but it’s best to look at the rules for this before purchasing. 

Chevron Techron Fuel System Cleaner 12oz

The Chevron Techron Fuel System Cleaner 12 oz’s proprietary blend of polyetheramine (PEA), this formula works to clear out the entire fuel system that can cause a power loss and ping sound in the exhaust. This product is safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors and, for best use, should be used every 3,000 miles or at every oil change. If you are starting to see the signs of build-up, then the Techron Fuel system cleaner is a solid and affordable option to begin to address exhaust clogging concerns. 

Gumout Regane Complete Fuel System Cleaner 12oz

Not only does the Gumout Regane Complete Fuel System Cleaner 12oz prevent carbon build-up, improve horsepower, and maximize fuel efficiency, but this product can also protect against water corrosion in fuel systems. This fuel system clean also has a PEA formula that can clean out combustion chambers, piston tops, and cylinder heads for a comprehensive fuel system cleaning that benefits catalytic converters. 

STP Ultra 5-IN-1 Fuel System Cleaner 12oz

Have you felt the performance of your vehicles lacking? If so, the STP Ultra 5-IN-1 Fuel System Cleaner 12oz may be the option you need to help the catalytic converter help contribute to the overall health of your vehicle. This five-in-one option can help you save on your gas bill by improving gas efficiency and lower emissions (to more easily pass that emissions test). It also works with turbo, direct inject, and hybrid engine vehicles. 

Gumout Multi System Additive 16oz

Your catalytic converter is a part of a more extensive system and has a significant role in your car’s function. The Gumout Multi System Additive 16oz is a great tool to support the operation of multiple systems that can assist in the performance of your catalytic converter. This product is one of the more affordable options on the list and packs a nice punch for the price. Not only does it help you to pass an emissions test, fight corrosion, and clean the entire fuel system, but it also lubricates cylinders and improves the performance of your engine. 

Rislone Hy-per Fuel Complete Fuel System Cleaner Gas 16.9oz

Do you hear a rumble in your engine? If so, the Rislone Hy-per Fuel Complete Fuel System Cleaner Gas 16.9oz is an excellent option for taking care of this problem. While this product does help provide comprehensive cleaning of your fuel system, it’s also known for its ability to improve your car’s overall performance. If you want a deep fuel clean and a boost in power, then this is a solid option to enhance the performance of your catalytic converter. 

Sta-Bil Start Your Engines Fuel System Revitalizer 2oz

What if you need quick help and support for your car’s performance? The Sta-Bil Start Your Engines Fuel System Revitalizer 2oz should definitely be on your radar. It can improve the performance of your fuel system, quickly fixes non-running engines, and is easy to use. However, according to the maker, this option shines because it has a two-year shelf life if properly stored. 

Berryman 4 Step Professional Air And Fuel System Maintenance Kit 6oz And 16oz 4 Piece

This is one of the more expensive options on this list, but it’s also one of the more comprehensive. The Berryman 4 Step Professional Air And Fuel System Maintenance Kit 6oz And 16oz 4 Piece has four formulas that clean and maintain air and fuel delivery systems, including sensors, air intake and throttle, the intake valve and combustion, and fuel systems. These components of your car can support the performance of your catalytic converter. 

Catalytic converters play a pivotal role in the operation of your car, especially within the exhaust and fuel systems. Therefore, it’s important to prioritize keeping it clear of grime and carbon build-up. Doing so might save you a trip for a replacement or repair. If you feel like your catalytic converter is damaged or needs to be replaced, we recommend visiting a local auto repair shop in your area. If you need catalytic converter cleaner, replacement exhaust parts, or advice on how to get the job done, AutoZone is always here to help.

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