Introducing AutoZone’s Sponsorship with Adam LZ

Drifting is a sport that’s gained a huge following, and AutoZone is proud to have teamed up with one of the top drivers in the Formula Drift series. Meet Adam Lizotte-Zeisler, better known as Adam LZ, behind the wheel of his 2022 Ford Mustang RTR. AutoZone’s sponsorship puts some of the best products under the hood of his racecar, giving him the competitive edge in performance. So, just who is Adam LZ and what is the AutoZone sponsorship all about?

Who is Adam LZ? 

Born and raised in Woodbury, Connecticut but now living in Orlando, Florida, Adam has quite the background for a guy in his twenties. What might seem like forever ago, Adam LZ made a name for himself on YouTube as a BMXer. His videos demonstrated how to perform BMX tricks from bunny hops to – no surprise – BMX drifting. He’s gained fame that most YouTubers only dream of, collecting nearly 3.5 million subscribers and publishing 1,600 videos.  

He’s a successful businessman too. Along with friends James Harvey and Zach Ozment, Adam LZ started his own retail brand, LZMFG. Their products range from T-shirts and sunglasses to skate decks and stickers.  

His garages are packed full of awesome vehicles including his first drift car, a 1989 Nissan 240SX. Other rides he’s proud to own and drive include a Mustang GT350, a Porsche 992 Turbo S, a Porsche 911 GT3, a Mitsubishi EVO, a jacked-up Ford pickup, and a number of JDM vehicles, which are a special part of his collection that have been imported straight from Japan.

Back to his YouTube success. Smattered among the BMX vids are car clips too. A couple of the most popular are called “15 Minute Coilovers” and “Driving an R34 Skyline GTR in the USA”. 

A natural segue into becoming a pro drifter? Yeah, seems about right.  

Professional drifting 

Adam jumped to pro drifting on the Formula Drift circuit in 2020 on the PRO grid behind the wheel of his Nissan S15, he scratched his way through the field to 12th position overall for the season, earning Rookie of the Year honors. And with his massive following as an influencer, he also took the Fan Favorite driver award. He finished 21st in the standing for the 2021 season in the premiere PRO field, and he’s excited to see what the 2022 season brings.  

This year, he’s driving a new car, a 2022 Ford Mustang RTR with a 455 cubic-inch Ford Performance/Roush Yates RY45 that has Mahel internal components and an extra shot from a Holley Nitrous Oxide System. When he hits that little button, his setup spits out 1,111 horsepower.  

The RTR 5D package on his Mustang features RTR Aero 7 wheels and the 5-FE body kit. He’s held secure in the cabin with a custom-fit RTR roll cage along with a Schroth Racing harness that straps him into Recaro seats. 

AutoZone’s sponsorship 

For the 2022 Formula Drift PRO season, AutoZone is proud to be the main sponsor of the #5 Adam LZ car. Many of AutoZone’s top brands can be found in the Mustang RTR including Optima batteries, Pennzoil fluids, Type S lights and accessories, and NGK spark plugs.  

Getting Adam ranked high in the standings depends as much on the reliability and performance of the parts in the car as it does on Adam’s skill in the driver’s seat, and we know there’s plenty of that 

How you can keep up with Adam LZ 

So you want to keep pace with Adam? If your plan is to keep up with the Adam LZ RTR Mustang, good luck – even if it has freshly burned-out Nittos on it.  

 But if you’re interested in following what’s going on with him on the track or of the beaten path, you can follow him on his home turf, YouTube, on the Adam LZ channel. Of course, he’s active on Instagram, @adam_lz, and on Twitter with the same handle. 

And for a thrilling time, get on the Adam LZ Fun-Haver Tour, hosted by RTR, LZ, and AutoZone. “A live experiential activation” awaits participants who can “win prizes, play driving simulators, and interact with the brands in meaningful ways. 

On the Formula Drift PRO circuit, keep an eye out for Adam’s telltale yellow-fade-to-red color scheme and AutoZone plastered all over the side. He’ll be the one with Nitto tires still smoking on the back.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Adam LZ a pro drifter?

Yes, Adam is a professional drift driver on the Formula Drift PRO series. In his rookie season in 2020, he won Rookie of the Year.

What team does Adam LZ drive for?

For the 2022 Formula Drift season, Adam LZ drives for the RTR Motorsports team. His main sponsor is AutoZone and he drives an FD Spec 2022 Mustang RTR.

What motor is in Adam LZ Mustang?

Adam’s Mustang RTR is powered by a Ford Performance/Rouch Yates RY45 engine with 455 c.i., built with Mahel internal components with nitrous boost from Holley. It’s capable of producing 1,111 hp.

How many cars does Adam LZ have?

The number of cars in Adam LZ’s garage keeps changing after buying the LZ compound. Give or take, Adam owns around 17 cars.

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