What’s Better? Flowmaster or Magnaflow

You can’t go wrong with a performance system from Flowmaster or Magnaflow. Both companies have been in business since the 80s and built reputations as stainless as the steel used the make their exhaust systems. A Magnaflow exhaust features a straight-through, perforated design with stainless steel packing for maximum performance, while Flowmaster’s chambered and laminar designs use specifically engineered angles to create tuned, consistent sound.

Both companies are top-of-the-line for performance exhaust, offering extensive coverage and installation, with massive varieties in style, finished in sound. Both sets of products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

The biggest difference comes down to how they handle airflow. Flowmaster designs are chambered, while Magnaflow designs use a straight-through, perforated core.

For your convenience, we’ve highlighted some other major points of difference below.

What’s Better? Flowmaster or Magnaflow

1. Flowmaster Muffler and Exhaust

• Wide-range of finish, style and fit options
• Specifically tuned, consistent sound profiles
• Chambered or Laminal design, uses complex systems to muffle sound while accelerating air flow
• Combined kits and individual components
• Consistent, immediate sound
• Tuned rumble
• Lifetime Warranty
• Made in USA

2. Magnaflow Muffler and Exhaust

• Tuned and proven performance numbers
• Direct fit or fully customizable
• Straight-through, perforated design with stainless steel wool packing
• Chambered designs are available in Rumble line
• Deep and Loud
• Bolt-on offerings
• Made in USA
• Lifetime warranty

Ultimately, the winner in the Magnaflow versus Flowmaster debate is you. You get two great exhaust mufflers to choose from. In addition to consulting the lists above we recommend listening to what they sound like. After all, that’s probably why you want a aftermarket exhaust parts in the first place. It would be nice to hear them in person, but there are plenty of videos on the internet, and many of them have great audio quality. Both brands have active YouTube channels with plenty of videos where you can hear how their products sound. You can find your choice of muffler in an AutoZone store near you. If the job is too big for you, seek out one of our Preferred Shops to help you do the job.

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