How to Organize Your Car

If you’re like most car owners, your prized vehicle can quickly start to look like a tornado went through it. Stray cups, rogue receipts, and falling-apart tissues scattered across the floor mats – it suddenly becomes hard to recognize the once well-organized space that you started with.

With a little organization and products to keep things tidy, taking control of your car’s contents becomes easy. Read on for key advice that will help make maintaining order in all four corners of your vehicle simple and stress-free.

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Trunk Organization

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Keeping your car’s trunk organized can be a tricky task. Between groceries, your emergency kit, and supplies for long trips, it’s easy for the trunk to become cluttered with items. Here are some tips on how to keep your car’s trunk organized and efficient.

  • Start by decluttering. Before you start putting things back in the car, take everything out of the trunk and decide what items you need to keep and what can be thrown away or donated.
  • Label containers. By labeling containers, you can easily distinguish between items so that when you open up your trunk, everything is neatly arranged and easily accessible.
  • Make sure items are secure while driving. To ensure that any items stored in the trunk remain safe while driving, strap them down with bungee cords or netting. This will prevent them from rolling around and potentially damaging other objects in the trunk or flying out during hard turns or sudden stops.
  • Use a cargo mat and trunk organizer. Keep spills contained on a durable, fitted cargo liner and any tools and containers upright and orderly with a trunk organizer.

A reusable grocery shopping basket makes a great DIY car trunk organizer, plus you’re always prepared when it’s time to go to the store.

Glove Compartment Organization

Loose napkins and documents can dominate the glove compartment, making it feel disorganized. But you’ll need to find your tire pressure gauge, registration information, and insurance cards quickly if you need them. Here are a few tips to organize your glove box.

  • Evaluate what you need. Before you start organizing, take everything out of the glove compartment and decide what items should stay in there.
  • Sort items into categories. Separate the items into categories such as “registration”, “insurance” or “emergency gear” to make them easier to find when needed.
  • Use dividers and containers for small items. Small items such as coins or loose papers can be difficult to keep track of in the glove compartment. To prevent this from happening, use small dividers to organize them better or pill bottles to contain them.
  • Utilize pockets and straps. If your glove box is equipped with pockets or straps, use them. This will help avoid unnecessary clutter by keeping similar objects together in one spot and also making them more accessible when you need them.

Interior Organization

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Especially with kids or frequent passengers, keeping your vehicle’s interior organized is a serious task. But keep in mind that anything inside your passenger compartment becomes a projectile in a collision, so it’s not just about minimizing mess and clutter.

  • Remove unnecessary items. Clothing, sports equipment, tools, food wrappers, and other items should be removed. It’s helpful to keep a litter container in your car to avoid garbage from building up.
  • Use your door pockets and storage spaces. These small storage spots will help keep your interior from becoming a mess by offering dedicated locations for items.
  • Put your sunvisors to work. Clip your sunglasses to the visor to get them out of your cupholder or storage bins, and strap a visor organizer on for parking passes, CDs, and other small items and documents you need to access often.

Maximizing Space

Your interior has a set amount of volume, and you can’t expand it. If you’re looking for ways to make the most of your interior and cargo space, here are a few ideas.

  • Use a seat organizer. These handy organizers hang along the seat back from your headrest and add vertical spaces to store items. They’re great organization for car toys if you have kids in the backseat too.
  • Invest in a console. If your car doesn’t have a compartment between the seats with cupholders, you should look into one. A center console offers a great way to get prying eyes off of your car’s contents, too.
  • Add a rooftop cargo bag. Are you regularly running out of places to put cargo or luggage for a trip? A cargo bag that straps to your roof rails can add several cubic feet of storage.

On-the-Road Organization

If you’re hitting the road for a trip, there are convenient ways to stay organized and tidy. For example, get a clothes hanging bar to keep your good clothes from getting wrinkled in your suitcase. If you’re living the van life, purchase a shelving unit with bins, then string bungee cords across so they don’t tip out while you’re driving.

When you know how to organize your car better, it’s not just less stressful – it’s safer too. Shop at AutoZone for all your car storage and organization needs.

FAQ/People Also Ask

What are some tips for organizing the trunk of my car?

Place any spillable items on a trunk mat, and keep all of your car fluids in a trunk organizer to keep them upright. And always keep your emergency kit accessible.

How can I maximize the storage space in my glove compartment?

Bundle all your documents together in a clip or folder, and carry a travel-size container of wipes rather than loose napkins. Pens and tire pressure gauges can be kept together with an elastic.

What are some tips for organizing the interior of my car?

Minimize how much you keep inside your car, and clean it out regularly to get rid of clutter. To maximize space, store items vertically with a seat back organizer.

What should I keep in my car and what should I leave at home?

Only bring the essentials with you. Leave as many personal items, clothes, and other items at home that can clutter your interior.

How can I keep my car organized while I’m on the road?

Use storage bags and bins when you’re on the road, especially the type that can compress your belongings.

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