What Products Does Adam LZ Use in His Car?

It looks like the driver is out of control, but drifting is anything but. Holding a car on the edge of chaos takes precision handling, and only the best drivers in the world can compete at the Formula Drift PRO level. That’s where you’ll find Adam LZ, the YouTuber star turned pro driver as he steers, skids, and slides his 2022 Ford Mustang RTR SPEC 5D around the course.

Conditions are grueling on the track. Constantly holding RPMs at or near redline, a drift car like Adam LZ’s Mustang has to depend on the components it has under the hood. Just one minor issue can be catastrophic to an event and a season. Inside the AutoZone Mustang RTR Spec 5-FD, Adam trusts products you’ll find for sale at AutoZone that you can buy for yourself. Whether you’re looking for the best car battery or motor oil you can trust, you can get some of the same products for your ride for around $20 and up.

Check out these Adam LZ-approved products at AutoZone.

Optima Battery

Red Top Optima battery
Optima red top battery

A racecar like the Mustang RTR Adam whips around the course commands a ton of electricity. There’s no time for a boost before heading, and dependable electrical delivery is a requirement for everything from fuel injectors and the Motec ECU to gauges and lights. 

Adam LZ uses batteries from arguably the most trusted name in the industry: Optima. Their maintenance-free lead acid batteries stand up to the rigorous shock and vibrations of a racetrack without breaking a sweat. OPTIMA Batteries are available in two distinct AGM (absorbent glass mat) technologies – OPTIMA SPIRALCELL and OPTIMA PUREFLOW – which are more efficient for discharge and recharge rates, bar none. 

Pennzoil Motor Oil

Adam LZ’s 455 cubic-inch V8 produces mind-blowing amounts of heat from running at wide open throttle through most of his runs. It’s enough to destroy most engines, but his team keeps the temperature in check and the engine well lubricated with Pennzoil motor oil. 

Pennzoil Full Synthetic engine oils guard your engine against friction by maintaining a microscopic barrier between moving parts and seals the piston rings against the cylinder wall better, keeping power inside the combustion chamber. It keeps the engine temperature under control, preventing oil from breaking down and turning into power-robbing sludge. Engineered to run cleaner and meet stringent industry standards, Pennzoil products are as dependable on the racetrack as they are in your engine.

Pennzoil produces engine oils and filters for a variety of applications, not just drift cars. Choose form Full Synthetic motor oils, conventional motor oil, or synthetic blends in a grade that’s right for your vehicle.

NGK Spark Plugs

Person reading a spark plug to determine how it has been working

You only get 1,111 horsepower from a monster Ford Performance/Roush Yates RY45 motor if the air-fuel mixture ignites on time, every time. For that, Adam LZ trusts NGK spark plugs. With more than 85 years in the business of building spark plugs, it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing for ignition parts.

That dependable spark happens thousands of times per minute as the Adam LZ RTR Mustang burns its Nitto tires off going sideways. Supremely resistant to electrode wear and with high-grade alumina ceramic to deliver strong spark every time, NGK spark plugs are a no-brainer for the RTR race team.

Type S Lights

When the sun goes down, that Mustang still needs to steal your attention. Luckily, Type S has a mind-blowing number of lighting accessories to choose from. Since that’s what you’ll find on the Adam LZ RTR ‘Stang, why wouldn’t you pick them for your car?

Type S lights are a rabbit hole you can fall into with hundreds of options to explore. Standard interior LED underdash lighting kits add a glow to your footwells to make your friends envious. Wire up an engine bay LED kit that can be controlled by the Type S app, using LEDs that are heat resistant. Control whole-car underglow with smart lighting solutions from Type S for a custom look that can be changed at a whim.

Have a pickup truck instead of a racecar or slammed lowrider? Smart lighting kits are available for grille lighting or illuminating your truck bed, not to mention tailgate light bars for additional rear lighting.

Type S Lights

Type S Accessories

Standing still or ripping around the track on a hot lap, Type S Accessories adds style that just can’t be ignored. From touching up the sidewall lettering with a tire marker to film wrap that adds a sense of personality to the interior to Type S silver brushed shift knob and aluminum pedal pads, you can make your car feel like your own. 

Why choose Type S Accessories? For starters, that’s the brand the Adam LZ Fun-Haver team trusts for their vehicles. They’re built strong, they’re long-lasting, and they have an awesome selection of universal and vehicle-specific accessories to choose from.

Type S Shift knob accessory

Equip Your Vehicle like the RTR Team and Adam LZ

If they’re the choice for a professional race team like RTR and Adam LZ, we’d be willing to bet you’ll love them too. Get the best products you need at AutoZone from top brands like Optima, Pennzoil, NGK, and Type S today.

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