Power Sport Batteries, Different Types Explained

When you’re ready to ride, you don’t want a bad battery to ruin your fun.

No matter how different motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and personal watercrafts are, they all have two things in common. One, they all require power to get the fun started; and two, AutoZone has a battery for all of them. Duralast Power Sport batteries are Proven Tough and pack the power and durability to get the fun started and keep it going strong, even in extreme conditions.

AutoZone carries three different styles of power sport batteries. Here is a buying guide to help you get the right one for your vehicle.

What Are the Different Types of Power Sport Batteries?

1. Get Dependable Power with a Duralast Conventional Battery

Duralast Conventional Power Sport batteries provide a dependable replacement for your original battery.

The Duralast Conventional Battery is a self-fill battery. It is one of the best values. You’ll need to fill each cell and fully charge the battery before using.

  • Designed for extra cranking power and extended service life
  • Feature fiberglass separators for improved acid flow and vibration resistance
  • Designed for excellent performance in extreme weather
  • 90-day free replacement warranty

2. Get AGM Performance with DURALAST FILL AND CHARGE

Duralast Consumer Activated AGM batteries provide advantages of AGM at a competitive price.

The Duralast Fill and Charge comes with pre-measured cell pack. Similar to the conventional and like its name states, it needs to be filled and charged before use.

  • Fill, charge, and go—then go maintenance free for the life of the battery
  • Worry-free performance with vibration resistant construction and no vent tube to prevent leaks or spills
  • AGM provides low self-discharge and extreme life cycle performance
  • Designed for excellent performance in extreme weather
  • 90-day free replacement warranty

3. Get ready-to-ride AGM performance with a DURALAST GOLD PRE-FILLED BATTERY

Duralast Factory Activated AGM batteries offer the convenience of ready-to-ride design and the performance of AGM technology.

The Duralast Gold AGM Battery comes sealed, pre-filled and charged. It will be your best option if you want to get on the trail, the water or on the road quickly.

  • Ready-to-ride construction avoids the traditional hassles of power sport battery handling, preparation, and installation
  • Factory activated and charged
  • No adding acid or leakage
  • Worry-free performance with vibration resistant construction and no vent tube to prevent leaks or spills
  • Longer battery life for season-to-season reliability
  • Patented top and side connection terminals
  • Maximum cranking and accessory power
  • Superior vibration resistance protects performance
  • Designed for excellent performance in extreme weather
  • 90-day free replacement warranty

For more on how to fill and maintain these batteries, consult a store associate at you local AutoZone or check the battery box.

Warranty Information

Battery Limited Warranty

Battery TypeFree Replacement Period
Platinum3 years/36 months 
Duralast Gold3 years/36 months
Duralast2 years/24 months
Valucraft 1 year/12 months
Econocraft90 days

Optima Yellow/Red Top

Part Nos:Free Replacement Period
D31A2 years/24 months
D31T2 years/24 months
All other Part Nos:3 years/36 months


Part Nos:Free Replacement Period
78-PC15004 years/48 months
65-PC1750T4 years/48 months
31M-PC2150T-M4 years/48 months
All other Part Nos.3 years/36 months

Non-automotive battery warranty periods:

Battery TypeFree Replacement Period
Duralast Heavy Duty1 year/12 months
Non-branded and Heavy Duty1 year/12 months
Duralast Gold L&G Utility90 days
Duralast L&G Utility90 days
Valucraft L&G Utility30 days
Duralast Golf Cart90 days
Optima Blue Top (Marine)2 years/24 months
Duralast Marine/RV1 year/12 months
Duralast Marine Starting1 year/12 months
Duralast Power Sport1 year/12 months
Duralast Gold Power Sport1 year/ 12 months

This warranty lasts from the day you buy the battery to the end of the warranty period on your receipt. This warranty expires when you sell or transfer your vehicle. If the battery is found defective during the free replacement period on your receipt, bring the battery to any AutoZone store and you will receive a free replacement. If a battery is found defective after the free replacement period but before the end of the warranty period on your receipt, a credit towards the purchase of a new battery shall be made upon its return to any AutoZone store. If applicable, the credit is calculated as follows: (Remaining Warranty Months / Total Warranty Months) x Original Price.

This warranty excludes failure due to improper installation, other faulty parts, low fluid levels, abuse, off-road or stationary power unit usage. This warranty does not apply to non-marine batteries used in marine applications.

This limited warranty represents the total liability of AutoZone for any battery. all other warranties implied by law applicable to the battery shall be limited to the warranty period stated on this receipt. AutoZone makes no other warranties, express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchant ability or fitness for a particular purpose. AutoZone shall not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages.

Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, or exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state. You can get the parts you need at your local AutoZone Store. If the job is too big for you, seek out one of our Preferred Shops to help you do the job.

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