BMW 3 Series and 5 Series 1999-06 Temp Sensor Removal & Installation Repair Guide

Access our free Removal & Installation Repair Guide for BMW Cars 1999-06 through AutoZone Rewards. These diagrams include:

  • Fig. A suitable prytool used carefully could remove the sensor wiring in an area where fingers couldn’t reach-M44 engine shown
  • Fig. This Craftsman® 3/8 inch drive thin-walled 12 point deep well socket worked perfectly for removing the coolant sensor
  • Fig. The Craftsman® socket slides over the sensor without risking damage to the electrical connector housing
  • Fig. The Craftsman® breaker bar and socket combination just cleared the intake manifold and . . .
  • Fig. . . . fit over the sensor with plenty of room to loosen or tighten it
  • Fig. With the composite oil filter canister top and filter removed, once loosened, the sensor can be removed by hand
BMW Cars 1999-06 Removal & Installation Repair Guide

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