Call them stocking stuffers, holiday gifts, presents, happy fun boxes for the family… whatever the name, AutoZone has some thoughtful and useful accessories, apparel, and toys to add unique flair to your gift-giving.

6 Auto Accessory Gift Ideas


40th Anniversary Toyota Supra RC Car

The Supra is BACK and, in this powerful, USB-charging RC Car, it's celebrating how AutoZone never left. This glossy-black, scale, radio-controlled, Supra sports the AutoZone 40th Anniversary logo on each side, commemorating the return of the Supra and AutoZone's 40th, both happening in 2019. USB-charging makes the car easy to power up, maintain, and enjoy.


Transformers Logo

Yes, still! Nevermind the uneven quality of some of the films, there isn't a cooler nerd flex than hinting your '07 Malibu is really an Autobot.

Don't be limited to one franchise, though. has a lot of choices for custom decals and emblems like Superman and Batman.

Inexpensive, easy to install, and something to make your vehicle more than meets the eye.


FANMATS Floor Mats

Team pride and interior protection come together in utility mats by FANMATS. Sized to fit most cars, trucks, and SUVs with logo-sporting variants for both the front and the rear, FANMATS make a visually impressive, long-lasting gift.

AutoZone's FANMATS selection covers the top collegiate NCAA teams, and teams from the NHL, NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball. Get some of these or give them… you'll be floored (not our pun, it's from a review).


Cell Phone Mount

Help a driver you know stay safer with a phone mount. Perfect for using the phone for navigation and voice commands, it's a must-have for modern drivers.

Mounts come in a few varieties. There are suction-based mounts that attach to the windshield or dash, clip mounts that attach to the air conditioning vents, and even a few that hang from the center mirror.

The vent mounts have a fun set of cousins called “HUG BUDDIES” that are literally characters that hug your phone. Want your new teenage driver to mount the phone every time? Get them this pug, or panda, or alien, or puking unicorn (it pukes rainbows, it's not gross – don't look at us like that).


Car-Centric Hats and Shirts

What does your gift recipient like? Dodge? Chevy? Ford? We got them covered with a stylish, quality T-Shirt celebrating their favorite brand.

If a hat or cap is more their speed, AutoZone has options for the car brands, but also aftermarket apparel from STP, Rolling Big Power, and Holley.


This Hat That is Camo and Also a Light

Meet the most memorable gift you'll give this year. The Panther Vision Powercap 25/10 CamoBlaze Hat. A lightweight camo hat with a high-powered headlamp integrated right into the brim means you can still see, even if nobody can see you.

Great for working on the car, hiking or staying safe during an emergency. The lamp gives off 42 lumens and has more than 9 hours of battery life.

And More!

We’ve also got loads of air fresheners, (including some shaped like Jelly-Beans) a bunch of cool sunshades, (like this one that makes your car look like the inside of the Millenium Falcon), and a nice selection of hands-free devices for safer driving while making phone calls.

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