AutoZone Holiday Gift Guide

Call them stocking stuffers, holiday gifts, presents, happy fun boxes for the family… whatever the name, AutoZone has some thoughtful and useful accessories, apparel, and toys to add unique flair to your gift-giving.

Car Accessory Gift Ideas

1. A New Shop Work Light

OEM tools makes a fantastic array of shop works lights, and the OEM 603727 is no exception. Ultra slim, pivoting, and supplies 300 lumens of work light, all in a portable, cord-free fashion. If you need more light and a large assembly, the OEM 822266 is 600 Lumens.

2. Duralast Full-Size Jump Starters

If you are looking for a gift that your loved one can really use, consider purchasing jump starters. Duralast jump starters are portable and can restart a vehicle quickly in an emergency situation. Plus, they are very handy to have in the garage for starting stubborn equipment like ATV’s and Lawn Tractors. If your vehicle enthusiast loves to ride motorcycles or just burn up the road in general, this unit (DL-1200AC) also comes with a compressor in case they need to inflate a tire.

3. Lithium Ion Booster Packs

We reviewed the Duralast DL-800L here, and it is packed with power at a great price point. Lithium Ion boosters are small, convenient, and great to take camping, boating, or anywhere a dead battery could leave you stranded. The DL-800L also has a big brother, the 2000amp DL-2000LI that’s even more powerful. It’s capable of starting Diesel engines with ease.

4. Griot’s Foam Cannon

Foam cannons are all the rage right now. Fill the container up with your favorite soap, like Griot’s 10866 car wash, and spray the car down with the perfect mix of soap and water, before scrubbing your car down. Eliminates the need for a bucket and foamy soap water that only gets more and more dirty every time you dip into it. The Griots 51140 Foaming Sprayer works fantastic.

5. Silicone Drying Blade

Often known as a “water blade”, this device saves a ton of time in drying by squeegeeing the water off of the vehicle first, and more importantly, safely for your car’s finish. Once you hit all the major body panels and glass, follow up with your favorite drying towel for a quick dry after a car wash.

6. Cell Phone Mount

Help a driver you know stay safer with a phone mount. Perfect for using the phone for navigation and voice commands, it’s a must-have for modern drivers.

Mounts come in a few varieties. There are suction-based mounts that attach to the windshield or dash, clip mounts that attach to the air conditioning vents, and even a few that hang from the center mirror.

The vent mounts have a fun set of cousins called “HUG BUDDIES” that are literally characters that hug your phone. Want your new teenage driver to mount the phone every time? Get them this pug, or panda, or alien, or puking unicorn (it pukes rainbows, it’s not gross – don’t look at us like that).

7. Socket Organizers

Go out and check the toolbox of the person you’re buying a gift for. If sockets are laying in disarray and everywhere in the tool box, let OEM’s line of socket trays and organizers intervene! OEM 22337 holds all your SAE and Metric sockets from 1/4 to 1/2”, while these can also be purchased as just SAE and Metric in numbers 22207 and 22211.

8. Griot’s Polisher

Finding the right car polisher is tough to do, as there are many unreliable units that simply don’t do a great job. Griot’s Garage solves all of that with the GG001 unit, available in most AutoZone stores. This random orbit polisher will make quick work of compounds and wax application, and a variety of cutting and polishing pads are available at every AutoZone store. Just choose your favorite product to accompany and get the job done right!

9. Plier Racks

Another tool box space-saver, Lisle’s LIS40460 holds your pliers upright, saving space, and keeping you organized! No more pliers and cutters thrown in a drawer with no organization! Find what you need quickly and easily!

10. Jack and Jack Stand Kit

Everyone knows someone still using a jack from 1979 and suspicious looking jack stands that no one should be under a car with. Items like the T82454S are available in-store, and provide you with not only a quality jack, but a pair of jack stands as well. Plus, you’re guaranteed to have one of the heaviest presents under the tree! Be sure to check out the other jacks and accessories as well!

And More!

We’ve also got loads of air fresheners, (including some shaped like Jelly-Beans) a bunch of cool sunshades, (like this one that makes your car look like the inside of the Millenium Falcon), and a nice selection of hands-free devices for safer driving while making phone calls.

When it comes to shopping for your loved one this holiday season, the best gift you can give them is one they will really enjoy. Knowing what they like is the first step in choosing the right gift. Or, if you’re shopping for an experienced DIYer who is looking for tools you’ve never even heard of, it might make sense to leave the tool shopping to the expert by giving them an AutoZone gift card.

More Ideas

If you need additional assistance, stop in at an AutoZone near you, and talk to one of our store associates.

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