Invest Your Refund in Truck and Towing Accessories

The tax refund can always be a nice pad to your wallet, and there’s no better way to spend it than new truck accessories. Whether you’re looking to enhance your towing capabilities, or you just want to add some flair to a truck that you enjoy cruising around in, AutoZone has everything you need.


Keep Your Cargo Under Cover

There's little else in life that works as well for hauling cargo as a good old pickup truck bed, and a tonneau cover can keep your cargo stowed securely. These covers stretch over the bed to keep out rain, and they can be locked with a key to keep unsavory characters away from your cargo.

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Step Up More Easily

Lifted trucks sure do look sweet. What isn't sweet: struggling to climb into a truck that's way high off the ground. Just one step nerf bar can make getting in your truck a lot more graceful.

Shop Running Boards, Nerf Bars, and Steps


Get a Better View of the Road

Headlights only go so far on unlit roads. If you're into camping, off-roading, or you just find yourself wishing your truck could put out a little more light from time to time, consider adding some light bars. A light bar can drastically increase your forward vision, and they can also be useful for illuminating areas while camping. You can install light bars on most trucks. We have around 50 types of light bars, so you can find an option that fits anything from a modest budget or extreme lighting needs.

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Upgrade Your Towing Capabilities

Campers, boats, bikes… Whatever you want to tow this summer, AutoZone has the truck accessories you need to tow it right. Install a new hitch receiver or get a new draw bar and ball mount to upgrade to the towing setup you want. We carry towing parts custom-built for your vehicle by leading manufacturers.

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Crack Your Windows in Any Weather

What's better than cruising around with the windows down? What if you could cruise with them down in any weather, and have less wind noise when you leave the windows open on the highway? Rain guards or wind deflectors attach to the rim on the top and front side of your windows to keep out excessive wind or rain. It's a relatively simple and inexpensive upgrade, but some deflectors can make a huge difference in comfort for you and your passengers.

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Be Ready for Any Job

Get more done on the move with a truck tool box that is made to fit your truck's bed. Whether you're an off-road hobbyist or just a handy person, having a truck bed tool box means having any tools you want on-hand.

Shop Truck Boxes and Liquid Storage Tanks

If your looking to spend your tax refund in a way you’ll appreciate well after you spend it, you can’t go wrong with enhancing your truck. Whether you make your truck more comfortable or set yourself up with a solid towing setup, you’ll likely appreciate the investment in your truck for years to come. Whatever you need for your truck, you’ll find it at AutoZone.

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