It’s important to spend your tax return wisely, and there’s not many better ideas than making the car you love to drive every day just a little more fun. Upgrading your car with aftermarket mods makes it faster, better looking, and more enjoyable. There are tons of possibilities from upgrading your suspension to installing a turbocharger. Here are some performance auto parts to consider buying with your tax return:


Better Suspension = Better Handling

You can squeeze every bit of power out of your engine, but you won’t have a lot of fun if your suspension can’t handle it. Performance suspension parts like struts and antiroll bars can help your car maintain traction when cornering quickly and lowering springs can give your car for better handling by lowering the center of gravity, and they can give it a more attractive stance.

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Performance Brakes: Necessary to High Performance

A car that can accelerate quickly needs to be able to stop quickly too. Upgrade your stopping power with a performance brake kit. These provide strong, lightweight rotors and brake pads with better bite. The pads are even constructed with slots that evacuate dust and grim for better contact with the rotor.

The next step up from there is replacing your brake calipers. Aftermarket models can provide stronger and more progressive brake action.

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Increase Your Engine’s Air Intake

The key word in internal combustion engine is combustion. The spark is the constant, so maximizing the fuel and air in your car is the key to improved performance. Aftermarket air intakes can increase the oxygen your engine receives.

Cold air intakes have mouths located far from the engine. This allows them to push cooler air with denser oxygen into your combustion chambers. Increased oxygen means better breathing for your engine, which can provide you with better power and throttle response. They tend to change engine intake noise for the better too. Many also come with heat shields to minimize the influence of heat from the engine.

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Free Up Your Exhaust Flow

Taking extra oxygen into your powerplant is only half of the problem. The spent gases your engine produces need to be removed through your exhaust. Taking in more air isn’t useful if your exhaust is choking off the oxygen from the combustion chambers.

Aftermarket exhaust systems remove look better, sound better, and can help alleviate back pressure to increase power output.

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Keep Your Engine Cool

Performance water pumps, radiators, and other cooling system upgrades can help your engine keep cool when it is working hard. These parts are a good investment if you want to make your car more powerful. While they might not make that much of a difference on their own, they’ll help your engine deal with heat more efficiently, which is important if you want to make your engine work harder than it does in stock form.

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Explore Forced Induction

Maybe you want your car to be way faster than it was out of the factory. If so, there’s no better way than installing a turbo or supercharger. Granted, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Installing a forced induction set up requires a lot of research: you need to know what kind of systems your engine can withstand, what fits in the engine bay, and how to retune your car to provide the right fuel to air ratio to your newly boosted engine.

You also may need to replace other parts of the vehicle to deal with the boosted engine’s power. So, it’ll be a lot of work, but there’s no better way to get big horsepower gains from your engine.

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Whether you get a stiffer suspension for better handling, a thunderous, free-flowing glasspack exhaust, or any other mods, your car will never be the same. Shop online or at your local AutoZone to get your new performance mods today.

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