The Top Ten Duralast Tools You Should Have in Your Toolbox 

Whether you’re a professional mechanic, a full-fledged backyard DIYer, or the occasional fixer-upper, you need a well-equipped toolbox. You never know what maintenance you might need on your vehicle or when an unexpected repair comes along, and you don’t want to be caught unprepared. Plus, isn’t there something strangely beautiful about tools?

With more than 500 hand tools available from more than 6,000 AutoZone stores in the country, Duralast tools are always a great choice. They’re manufactured to perform flawlessly in the hands of a professional yet affordable for the everyday enthusiast or novice.

Are you starting a new tool selection from scratch, or are you assembling a garage gift for someone you love who needs it? Here are the top ten Duralast tools that every DIYer should have in their toolbox.

The Top 10 Duralast Tools

Mechanics Tool Sets

You’re changing a battery on your car or swapping out a set of brake pads. The first thing you’re going to reach for is a kit that has a wide range of tools that might work for you without having to run back and forth to the workbench. A Duralast mechanic’s tool set puts together common ratchets, sockets, driver bits, hex keys, wrenches, and more so you have everything you need in one compact package. 

With tool sets ranging up to from 45 to 435 pieces, you can get a huge set for the garage and a compact tool set to carry with you in your car. 


Building out a diverse tool selection starts with getting items that help you work smarter, not harder. Ratchets you’ll reach for time and time again include the ever-popular 3/8in-drive ratchet and the finer 1/4 in. drive ratchet. Made of forged alloy steel and coated with polished nickel chrome plating, Duralast ratchets are the type you’ll hand down through the generations. 

When you need something more than the standard tool, you’ll also find ratchets with an extendable handle for more leverage, some with higher tooth counts for finer precision, and flex-head ratchets to get into tight spaces.  


“Have you seen my 10mm socket?” – said every mechanic ever. You can never have enough sockets, and there’s always a buddy that returns your socket set shy one important piece. But to start your toolbox on the right path, you’ll need at least one 10-piece Duralast 3/8 in. drive metric socket set and one in SAE sizes.  

From there, you’ll find yourself expanding into deep sockets and some for a 1/4 in. drive, plus swivel sockets are intended for reaching the tough spots with ease. Duralast sockets come in either a chrome finish (hand sockets) or black oxide finish (impact sockets), and some sets have convenient socket rails included to keep your sockets organized. 

Socket Adapters & Extension Bars

Getting your socket into tight spots often requires a little extra length, and extension bars are designed exactly for that purpose. Available for drives ranging from 1/4 in. to 3.4 in. and in lengths from 2 in. to 24 in., it becomes evident you’re going to need a few different sizes for your toolbox.  

Need to downsize or upsize your ratchet drive to fit the socket you have? Duralast socket adapters do the trick, and they’re a must-have for toolboxes that haven’t quite built up sockets and ratchets in every size. 

Duralast socket extension bars and adapters are heat treated for strength and wipe clean, and to prove they’re designed to last, they’re guaranteed for life.   

Torque Wrenches

To install your winter wheels or assemble your engine rebuild, one core tool you’ll absolutely require is a torque wrench. Intended to make sure fasteners are tightened to precisely the specification the manufacturer determined, they can be adjusted in seconds, and usually in 5 or 10 lb.-ft. increments. 

When you have a Duralast torque wrench, you’ll never wonder if you left a nut too loose, and you’ll help prevent bolts from seizing or breaking – which obviously leads to more work and frustration down the road. 

Breaker Bars

What you need when a bolt is too tight is usually more power. A breaker bar’s sole purpose is to give you more leverage on a bolt or nut that’s too tight to safely budge with a wrench or ratchet. Available for every drive size and in lengths ranging from 10 in. to 24 in. or more, a Duralast breaker bar saves your knuckles from getting scraped and your muscles from getting strained.  

Manufactured of forged alloy steel and with a polished chrome finish, they’re corrosion free and, like always, Duralast warranties them for life. 


Reaching, holding, gripping, squeezing, or turning something usually requires some assistance other than your fingertips. No toolbox is complete without at least a few pairs of pliers. To start, you’ll want to invest in slip joint pliers that can adjust quickly and easily to the fastener you need to hold, and long nose pliers come in very handy for small items or tight spaces. 

Duralast pliers come in a variety of shapes and applications from locking pliers to tongue and groove pliers, side cutters, and a host of others. Heat-treated alloy steel is durable and dipper handles to provide a comfortable grip and can be easily wiped clean.

Combination Wrenches

Some jobs require the finesse of a simple hand tool, and that’s where Duralast combination wrenches enter the equation. Like sockets, you’ll never have enough wrenches and you’ll want to keep a set in the garage, your trunk, and at the cottage.  

Duralast wrench sets are available in both SAE and metric sizes, typically with one open end and a box side. Different lengths work for different applications, and you’ll soon find a need for a stubby wrench set and ratcheting wrenches too. 

Adjustable Wrenches

Not sure which wrench size you need? An adjustable wrench or crescent wrench can be the fast and easy solution. Duralast adjustable wrenches are made of chrome-plated heat-treated steel and meets or exceeds ASME standards. Find adjustable wrenches ranging from 4-inch to 15-inch and, no matter which one you choose, it’s still guaranteed for life. 


Nothing replaces the utility of a screwdriver. For your garage’s toolbox, start with one screwdriver of every type in every common size. Common screwdrivers you’ll find useful almost daily are #1 and #2 Phillips Head screwdrivers and a few different widths and lengths of Flat Head screwdrivers. For automotive applications, T15, T20, and T25 sizes will be extremely handy.

Duralast screwdrivers have a magnetic tip to help hold your fastener in place, and it’s no shock that they’re also guaranteed for life. 

Round out your toolbox with professional-quality tools from Duralast, available at AutoZone stores near you.  

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