Guide To The Best Truck Bed Tents 

Those who are new to off-roading may want to invest in a truck bed tent. While the term itself is fairly self-explanatory, it does raise some questions as to why you should consider such an accessory, whether it provides adequate comfort, what considerations to take, and whether it’s worth it, among other factors. In this article, we will answer all these questions. 

What Is A Truck Bed Tent? 

A truck bed tent is a tent that can be pitched in the back of a pickup truck, as opposed to being pitched on the ground. A camping tent for truck can be an extremely comfortable and convenient way to spend a night on the trails in the great outdoors. Truck bed tents aren’t the only mobile solutions, there are also rooftop truck tents. But here, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of truck tents that can be pitched in the back, or bed. 


  • Supremely convenient and quick, as they do not require finding a suitable site, erecting tent poles, pitching tent ropes and ensuring that the ground is stable. 
  • Being off the ground offers a greater benefit in terms of safety against all kinds of ground-borne insects, snakes, and even larger predators. 
  • Can be semi-permanently set up in the back of your truck, and contain all necessary camping gear within which is great if you regularly go on multi-day off-road forays. 
  • A pop-up truck tent can be folded down when travelling to improve visibility and gas mileage, and popped-up when parked at your campsite to offer greater space. 


  • Truck bed tents are more expensive than regular tents. 
  • They take up all the space in your truck bed and you will need to store your cargo within the tent. 
  • Some truck bed tents will fully or partially obscure rear vision via the rearview mirror. 

Are Truck Bed Tents Comfortable? 

Comfort is a very subjective term, as its very definition will vary from person to person. Truck bed tents are known to be very comfortable, and there are models that offer sewn-in padded floors which offer the best comfort. Even if your chosen truck bed tent has a basic floor, or uses your truck bed as the floor, you can enhance comfort through the use of rubber mats, upon which soft furnishings and bedding materials can be placed. Truck bed tents are typically weatherproof, so as long as installed properly, there is little danger of water entering a properly closed tent. One avenue adopted by truck bed tent users is to place an air mattress on the floor, further enhancing comfort, and many manufacturers of tents for the back of trucks produce correctly-sized air mattresses as well. 

Truck bed tent

What To Consider with a Truck Bed Tent 

There are truck bed tents available for short cab trucks, regular trucks, and those with extended beds. AutoZone carries a wide variety of truck bed tents as well as necessary accessories. You should also consider any special features, extras that you may need to purchase for installation, and the warranty offered on the truck bed tent, as well as accessories. It also goes without saying that while truck bed tents are weatherproof, some offer better weatherproofing than others and you should consider that factor if you reside, or regularly go off-roading in areas with heavy rainfall and strong winds. 

One final consideration that is a top tip from us at AutoZone is to remove your truck bed tent and store it in your closed garage or shed when not in use. Driving around with it installed on your truck bed exposes it to sun, UV rays, rain, grime, dirt, dust, and other detritus that can have a detrimental effect on it over time. 

Are Truck Bed Tents Worth It? 

If you don’t mind spending $190, which is the cost of the least expensive truck tent at AutoZone, truck bed tents are fully worth every dollar. Consider the fact that your sub-$200 investment nets you a supremely capable and convenient way to pitch a tent without needing to actually pitch it. Add an air mattress that starts at under $100, and you’ve got a comprehensive and comfortable accommodation option for under $300 that fits right in the bed of your truck. Even if your frequency of off-roading and camping is a mere twice or thrice a year, it’s a worthwhile investment. 

Best Truck Bed Tents For Camping 

We’ve compiled a small list of three of the best tents for truck beds. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it’s a great place to start, and many of these manufacturers are known for decent truck tents, so you’re bound to find something else from them if none of these three are the right fit for you. 

Rightline Gear Truck Tents 

Rightline produces a range of truck tents for short (5’), full-size (6.5’) and long (8’) truck beds, and their floorless design means that installation and removal is easier. Your gear can remain on the bed without needing to be unloaded and reloaded. These tents offer storage pockets, a lantern hook, skylights to gaze at the stars, and glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls which some reviews have mentioned could be a bit sturdier. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to dip your toe into truck bed tents. 

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