Cool Truck Accessories and Mods

A pickup truck is a vehicle that can be used for work, play, or daily driving duties. When equipped with a 4x4 drivetrain and appropriate tires, you can go almost anywhere in a pickup. Just about every major auto manufacturer produces multiple high-quality pickup trucks that are blank canvases. You can take a stock pickup and use cool truck accessories to transform it into whatever you need.

Customize Almost Anything

With aftermarket truck mods, you can make significant changes that improve performance, handling, comfort, and more. Some of the most popular aftermarket accessories that you can use to modify your truck include:

  • Interior accessories
  • Exterior mods
  • Motor accessories
  • Exhaust parts
  • Drivetrain and suspension mods

Whether you drive a pickup truck or SUV, a wide range of bolt-on custom parts and cool truck accessories can transform your vehicle into whatever you want it to become. Common interior modifications include aftermarket seats, upgraded entertainment systems, and mirrors. As for exterior modifications, there are wheel flares, side steps and rocker guards, truck grill guards, bed covers and inserts, and front and rear bumper replacements. Updated parts for motors, suspensions, drive axles, wheels, and brakes can greatly improve your truck too.

Simple Performance Mods

For relatively little money, you can make great improvements to your truck’s throttle response and power by installing a high-flow air filter. Many of the best aftermarket brands, like K&N, Fram, and others, provide high-flow air filters that increase the amount of clean air and oxygen that gets to the combustion chamber. These cool truck accessories boost the potential power produced and might even give you better gas mileage.

You also can replace the stock air filter housing with an aftermarket upgrade. These affordable products place a high-flow air filter in the ideal location to draw in more air and produce more power.

The high-flow filters are easy to clean and maintain to ensure the best airflow and filtration. Many will last a lifetime, which can save you money over replacing the more restrictive stock air filters once a year.

Other commonly used performance mods that you can bolt onto your truck include new spark plugs, wires, a distributor, and an ignition. If you want to add more pickup, you can mount new throttle bodies and reprogram the ECM to retune the engine and deliver even better horsepower and torque to your drive wheels.

Truck Mufflers and Exhaust Mods

Aftermarket exhaust and truck mufflers give your truck the best bolt-on power modifications. You can buy an entire performance exhaust system that does a better job of expelling exhaust gases while enabling greater airflow towards the engine. The faster the combustion chamber expels exhaust and spent gases, the faster a high-flow air filter can deliver more clean air. That adds up to a cleaner-burning engine and more horsepower and torque produced by the motor while using essentially the same amount of gas that a stock system would use.

Exhaust Options Abound

One of the most popular modifications is to swap out a restrictive stock muffler and exhaust. It’s easy to get aftermarket truck mufflers and an exhaust that enhances airflow as well as the sound coming from the exhaust tips. Your truck can make more power with the addition of a high-flow exhaust and muffler.

Once you mount an aftermarket dual exhaust, you’ll really hear your motor rev and run while on the streets or at your favorite off-roading location. You can do a simple muffler replacement or modify the entire exhaust for ideal results.

Improve Stopping Power

After completing a few performance truck mods, your brakes might need some help slowing things down. A wide range of aftermarket brake pads, calipers, rotors, and master cylinder improvements can greatly improve your truck’s braking performance. Just switching from stock brake pads to performance brake pads with aftermarket rotors that channel away heat to fight warpage can give you a lot more stopping power. This is also true for aftermarket calipers that have more brake pistons to distribute stopping power to the pads and rotors more efficiently.

Lifting and Lowering Kits

If you want to do a lot of off-roading, you’ll likely find a suspension lift kit to be highly beneficial. You can raise the truck by a couple of inches or more with a simple installation of a lift kit. These truck mods will give you more ground clearance to get over rocks and out of ruts. A taller truck will likely benefit from additional grab rails and steps to improve access.

Alternatively, if you intend to mostly drive on the street and never see dirt, then a lowering kit might be in order. You can lower your truck’s street profile while enabling easier access to the cabin. This can be helpful when you’re loading large items in the bed. The suspension will still support the stock truckload and towing capacity, but you’ll enjoy better access and a different general profile.

You can find great deals on lots of cool truck accessories from many of the top aftermarket brands. You just need to choose which truck mods you want, determine your budget, and then order your parts. For more help, call us at AutoZone. You can pick your products up at your local store or have them delivered to your door.

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