Trailer hitch accessories you need for your vehicle 

There are a million reasons to love trucks. You can take them off road and get a little mud on the tires. You can load them up with tools for work, or equipment for your favorite hobbies. You can tow things, from other cars, to boats, to work trailers.

One great part about trucks is the trailer hitch. While trailer hitches were initially designed for … well … hitching a trailer to, they’ve become so much more than that over the years. Now they’re the hub for endless accessories that help you get the most out of your truck.

Trailer Hitch Accessories You Need for Your Truck 

Every accessory you buy for your truck’s trailer hitch is an addition to your vehicle, and that makes it either more cool, more fun, or more practical. Or sometimes all three! There are a lot of different directions you can go in with trailer hitch parts and accessories, but here are a few ones that we think you might need. 

Ball Hitch 

Ball hitches are very practical accessories for your truck. Simply put, ball hitches are what allow you to use a lot of other accessories, or tow a lot of items. Many things that you need to tow attach directly to a ball hitch, so having one increases the capability of your truck. They’re an absolutely essential trailer towing accessory. If you have a truck, you need a ball hitch. Case closed. 

Hitch Covers 

Hitch covers are a super fun way to add a little bit of decoration and personal flair to your vehicle. Bumper stickers? Those are so 1995. With a hitch cover, you can personalize your truck a little bit more. Some people like to put their vehicle’s brand logo on the hitch cover, to show off some pride in their truck. Other people like to adorn their hitch with the logo of their favorite sports team or college, to display their rooting interests. Whatever you opt for, hitch covers are a subtle but strong way to make your truck yours. 

But they’re more than just for aesthetics. Hitch covers also keep debris from getting in your hitch, and help the hitch stay clean. They’re practical and good looking, which is what everyone wants for their truck. 

Ball Mount 

Hitch ball mounts are must-have towing accessories for anyone who decides to put a ball hitch on their truck. Ball mounts are very simple. They protrude from the truck hitch, and then you place the ball hitch on the end. In other words, they’re essentially a ball hitch extender, which allows the ball hitch to be a few inches separated from the rear fender of your truck.  

By extending the ball hitch, the ball mount makes the truck ball hitch more accessible, and easier to attach to. It also helps prevent damage to the ball hitch. 

Coupler Lock 

Coupler locks are necessary hitch towing accessories for anyone who leaves the item that they’re towing unattended. It’s pretty easy to steal an unlocked item in tow. If you’re towing something small, someone can detach it from your hitch, throw it in their car, and run off in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Even if you’re towing something large, someone else with a truck can detach the item from your tow hitch, attach it to their own, and drive away. And then the next time you head out to your truck, you’ll be met with heartbreak. 

That’s where coupler locks come in. Coupler locks are simple, and protect the items you’re towing. When the coupler is locked, you won’t be able to detach the item that’s hooked to the hitch. Simple, but a necessary safety and security measure. 

Hitch Step 

Hitch steps are a very practical addition to a truck. They simply attach to the hitch, and create a stepstool-like step. With a hitch step, it’s a lot easier to access the items that are in your truck bed. They’re a borderline necessity if you have a truck rack and need to access it.  

It’s easy to install and remove a hitch step, so you can quickly take one off if you need to tow something, and then put it back on. It might not seem like you need a step there – after all, you have a fender to step on – but you’ll be amazed at how much more practical your truck feels when you have an additional step in the back. Plus, they look pretty cool.

Overland Hitch Accessories 

The world of trailer hitch accessories gets even wilder if you include overland builds. The accessories for overland vehicles feature pretty much everything you could ask for. Many enthusiasts have entire grill stations that attach to the hitch, making it easy to cook amazing meals wherever they are. There are also a lot of table hitch accessories, so you can turn your hitch into an on-the-go dining table. TV stands are popular hitch accessories for overland enthusiasts, with some people even going so far as to mount projectors on their truck hitches.  

Not all overland hitch accessories are about fun and games though. It’s also common to use hitch-attached cargo racks to carry extra luggage and gear.  

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