Does AutoZone Cut Keys?

If you’ve ever lost or broken a car key, you’re painfully aware of how frustrating the process can be. You can’t start and drive your vehicle, and it can be very expensive to replace a car key. It often requires a tow to the dealership or an emergency call to a locksmith that might or might not be able to make a working key. Having a spare key on hand is a lifesaver.

If you have a basic car key for an older vehicle, it can be cut in just a few minutes for under $20. Since the vast majority of car keys today are transponder keys, it’s not as simple as just cutting the key and driving off. It needs to be programmed, and you’re likely to spend from $100 to more than $600 at the dealership, depending on the car make and key style.

But does AutoZone cut keys? Yes, select locations are equipped to duplicate your vehicle key so you aren’t stuck without a spare, and often for much less time and hassle you’d experience elsewhere.

Can AutoZone replace my car key?

For most makes and models, AutoZone has the parts, knowledge, and technology required to replace your car key. If you don’t have a key with a chip in it, it’s as straightforward as copying the key you still have.

An associate selects the correct key blank for your year, make, and model. A key cutting machine traces the original contours of your existing key and the new key is cut with exactly the same pattern. This works for ignition keys as well as for older vehicles that have separate keys for the ignition and door. AutoZone key cutting only takes a few minutes for these types of keys.

Does AutoZone make transponder keys?

Around 75% of the cars on the road today have a chip in the key, and that’s a little more complicated for duplicating a key. However, AutoZone is able to duplicate most transponder keys, avoiding that expensive trip to the dealership. But why is a transponder key necessary?

What is a transponder key?

If your vehicle originally came with a transponder key, it will not operate if you use only a key blank without the correct, programmed chip. It’s a security feature that was introduced in 1985 but only gained widespread acceptance around 2000. The intent, as you might figure, is to prevent auto theft or at least make it much more difficult.

The vehicle has a module or sensor that ‘looks’ for a chip’s radio frequency identification code, or RFID, when the ignition is turned over. Not only does the chip need to be present, but it needs to be programmed or trained to match the code the vehicle requires or it won’t start.

Blank keys can be cut at AutoZone

Your transponder key might be the blade style that still needs to be inserted into the ignition cylinder, or it could be integrated with a key fob. It could also be the type that stays in your pocket or purse with a push-button ignition. All of these styles need to be programmed before they can be used.

Many AutoZone locations carry a massive selection of transponder keys, ensuring you can get the replacement you need, when you need it. An associate can help you identify the right key for your car, since many look the same but might not work.

Once you have the correct key and it’s been cut, your AutoZone associate will help you program it to your car. What’s more, it’s at a fraction of the price that you’d pay at a dealership.

 What about my keyless entry fob?

If you’ve lost a key, odds are pretty good that you’ve also lost the key fob, or keyless entry remote. You’ll want to replace this too, otherwise you’ll need to put the key into the door lock cylinder the unlock it all the time, and that’s just plain annoying.

You can find the right key fob for your car at many locations, and an associate will help you program it to your vehicle as well.

Which AutoZone locations offer this service?

An AutoZone car key copy is available at many locations in the United States. It requires advanced tools and equipment to perform the job, especially for transponder keys. However, it takes just a few minutes to do.

To save you time, locations that offer AutoZone key replacement services don’t require an appointment. Just stop in with your key to get it duplicated with no muss and no fuss.

See which AutoZone Location offers key cutting services near you.

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FAQ/People Also Ask

Does AutoZone cut blank keys?

AutoZone can cut a new key blank for most makes and models, whether or not you require a transponder key. It’s traced from your current key and is digitally verified before you leave the store.

How long does it take AutoZone to make a key?

It only takes a few minutes to cut a new key for your car, and programming a transponder key only extends the process by a few more minutes.

How do I get a new key made for my car?

Bring your current key to a participating AutoZone location. An associate will match it with the correct key blank and trace it using a precise key cutting machine onsite.

How do you cut a car key?

Keys are specific to your vehicle, and a current working key needs to be present. The contours are copied by a machine to accurately shape the key blank to match your current ignition key.

Does my car key have a chip in it?

If your key is integrated into a key fob or it has a thick grey or black head on it, it’s likely a transponder key. That means it has a chip in it that needs to be programmed before it can start your car.

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