What Sets Duralast Wheel Hub Assemblies and Bearings Apart?

All Duralast Wheel Hub Assemblies and Bearings utilize the latest technologies and manufacturing processes to ensure quality and performance. Learn what sets them apart.



Tips and warnings are provided inside each box to help avoid common pitfalls during the installation process.


Original Equipment bearing design for superior quality, ease of installation, and Original Equipment form, fit, and function.


Only Original Equipment quality or better high-tensile strength steel and components are used to ensure maximum performance and service life of each unit.


All Duralast Hub Assemblies equipped with ABS sensors are factory tested for proper signal, resistance, and wavelength uniformity against Original Equipment specifications on custom designed computerized equipment.

Repair Information

For full service life of your hub assembly, AutoZone has everything you need to do the job right:

  • Always follow proper torque specifications during installation by referring to instructions in the box or from helpful advice in our stores.
  • Check out our Loan-A-Tool® program for available job specific tools.
  • Free tech support when you call and speak to our ASE certified technicians at 1-800-228-9672.

When Should You Check Your Hub Bearings?

A good time to check your wheel hub assemblies and bearings is when you are changing your brakes.

How Long Do Hub Bearings Last?

Average hub bearing service life is between 80K – 100K miles. [varies by manufacturer]

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FREE Loan-A-Tool® program requires returnable deposit. Please note that the tool that you receive after placing an online order may be in a used but operable condition due to the nature of the Loan-A-Tool® program.

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