Is your Wheel Hub Assembly worn out?

The wheel hub assembly connects the wheel and tire to the steering and suspension of your car, truck or SUV. Wheel hub assemblies are sealed for life and are designed to last for the entire time you own your vehicle. But, like anything, they can break or wear down, leading to problems with suspension, steering and control.

A failing wheel hub assembly can exhibit one or more symptoms which indicate this part will need to be replaced.

Signs of a Worn Out Wheel Assembly

1. Roaring Sounds From Wheels

Probably the most common failure in the hub assembly has to do with the bearings. When a bearing starts to wear out, parts of the hub assembly can start to rub against each other, creating an awful noise. If you hear and/or feel a roaring or humming sound that increases with speed, inspect the wheel hub assembly.

2. Loose Wheels

You may only notice this when changing a tire, or it may take a mechanic to see this. But if the wheel or tire feels looser than normal when it’s in the air, it could be a worn hub assembly problem. The entire steering and suspension system should be inspected at the same time.

3. Illuminated ABS Light

If your ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes) light is illuminated with a wheel sensor failure code, the ABS sensor may need to be replaced provided all the vehicle wiring harness and related components are secure and properly functioning. Many vehicles are designed with the ABS sensor made into the wheel hub assembly and cannot be replaced separately. For these applications a new wheel hub assembly will be required. The ABS sensor provides critical input for safe stopping and oversteer control. Do not delay if the light illuminates.

Think you need a new hub assembly?

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