Automatic Transmission Rebuild Kit

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1-24 of 361 Results


      Automatic Transmission Rebuild Kit

      A Transmission Rebuild Can Dramatically Rejuvenate Your Vehicle

      Automatic transmissions are great when they work right, but when they begin acting up, you should inspect it as soon as possible. If you take a vehicle with transmission problems to a mechanic, many will tell you to replace it and won't offer the option of a rebuild. However, if you're a competent backyard mechanic with long experience with and in-depth knowledge of how an automatic transmission works, a thorough rebuild will both fix problems and often give the vehicle a significant performance improvement. This quick guide will help you choose the best automatic transmission rebuild kits for cars and trucks.

      Signs It's Time to Rebuild Your Transmission

      There are a few signs that your transmission is having problems. Firstly, if your car unexpectedly shifts between gears when it wouldn't normally do so, that's a big warning sign. If it seems like it's struggling or underpowered, that's also a typical symptom. If it's shifting roughly, making clunking sounds or delaying shifting, it needs to be inspected. Finally, if the transmission warning light comes on, it's time to take a good look at the cause. Some problems can be fixed without needing a rebuilding or replacement if they are caught soon. Check your transmission fluid level before doing anything else.

      The Benefits of Doing Your Own Transmission Rebuild

      The most important benefit of a rebuild is that you won't be stranded somewhere, desperately awaiting a tow truck. A good rebuild also can dramatically improve performance and increase fuel efficiency while helping the environment. Also, some mechanic shops may be rushed – or just not care enough – to do a proper rebuild. When you do the work yourself, you know that everything was done with care and an eye for all the details. Finally, rebuilding it yourself will save a big amount of money compared to buying a new one or having a shop rebuild it. AutoZone carries a massive selection of parts and always has the lowest prices on automatic transmission rebuild kits.

      Choosing the Right Rebuild Kits

      Different kits will have some different parts, depending on your vehicle. Parts typically included are new bands, seals and rings, clutches, gaskets, bushings, bearings, steel plates and others. Whether the kit is designed for standard use or high-performance driving will also impact the parts list. AutoZone is virtually always the answer when you ask, “where can I find automatic transmission rebuild kits near me?” We have over 6,000 stores so that you never have to worry about finding the best kits at the best prices. However, some cheap kits carried by other retailers may not have vital parts, so it's best to do your research before choosing one. Make sure it's the right kit for both your vehicle and your driving style, and also check that any kit you buy comes with a warranty. Most kits will usually cost from under $100 to over $300 – definitely a massive savings over the cost of a new transmission.