2013 Ford Escape Automatic Transmission

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1-19 of 19 Results


      2013 Ford Escape Automatic Transmission

      As you drive, it's the 2013 Ford Escape transmission that moves power from the engine to the wheels in a controlled way. If your vehicle isn't shifting or driving as it used to, it could be a fault inside this major powertrain component. A transmission failure is sometimes repairable, but a replacement can be less expensive and takes much less time. If that's the route you choose, find What You Need To Do The Job Right at AutoZone.

      How Does an Automatic Transmission Work?

      An automatic transmission converts the engine's constant rotation into power that can be channelled to the vehicle's wheels in a way it can be harnessed. Clutches, gears, and shafts allow the transmission to vary the engine's input for use at different speeds and RPM ranges. A valve body directs hydraulic fluid pressure through the correct channels to enable different functions, and a torque converter allows the transmission to spin freely when the engine is idling. It takes hundreds of transmission parts working in sync for an automatic transmission to function.

      Failing Transmission Symptoms

      The transmission for a 2013 Ford Escape is durable and long-lasting, but problems can occur that require attention. Often, symptoms are due to unintended use or lack of maintenance, although a defect can also happen. Symptoms of a failing transmission include harsh shifts or RPM flares between gears, a clunk when shifting into gear, major red fluid leaks, or a complete inability to drive in either forward, reverse, or both.

      2013 Ford Escape Transmission Replacement Cost

      Unfortunately, a transmission is one of the highest-priced components in any vehicle, and it takes several hours of labor to change it. If you aren't an experienced DIYer or a professional mechanic, it might be best to have a garage install your new transmission from AutoZone. In addition to any labor, the 2013 Ford Escape transmission replacement cost will be around $2,100 to $4,100 depending on your vehicle build.

      Whether you're shopping for a new transmission assembly, maintenance fluids, brakes, mufflers, or vehicle drivetrain accessories, AutoZone has what you need. Filter by year, make, model, and engine size to see parts that fit your Escape like the OEM, available for Home Delivery or Free In-Store or Curbside Pickup.