2014 Ford Escape Automatic Transmission

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1-24 of 39 Results


      2014 Ford Escape Automatic Transmission

      The 2014 Ford Escape transmission works together with the engine and the rest of the drivetrain to set your car in motion. It converts the engine's rotation into energy that can be managed, controlling your car's direction and rate of travel. If your car isn't shifting or moving like it once did, it could be the transmission needs to be repaired or replaced. Fortunately, help isn't far away with transmission parts available from AutoZone.

      What Does a Transmission Do?

      The transmission is an assembly containing hundreds of pieces that collectively are used to transmit power between the engine and the drive wheels under control. When you shift out of park, the transmission lets you move in forward or reverse. As you press the gas, a series of clutches, gears, and sensors enable the transmission to shift, finding the right gear for your performance demands.

      Transmission fluid is circulated and creates hydraulic pressure to make it all work, plus it cools and lubricates the parts contained inside the assembly. The transmission is arguably the most complex unit in any vehicle.

      Signs of Failing Automatic Transmission

      Despite containing so many parts, the transmission for 2014 Ford Escape models is surprisingly durable. Still, poor maintenance, abuse, and manufacturer defects can cause unexpected failures that need to be repaired to restore its reliability. Common signs of failure include harsh shifts between gears, a clunk when shifting into gear, whining under the vehicle as you drive, large red fluid leaks, and a vehicle that revs up but won't move at all. For many transmission concerns, the Check Engine Light will also come on.

      2014 Ford Escape Transmission Replacement Cost

      Although a rebuild can sometimes be completed to fix the problems, finding a complete 2014 Ford Escape transmission for sale is often a faster, longer-lasting repair to pursue. Even for a professional mechanic, the job can take most of a day to complete. For the assembly, prices range depending on your vehicle's equipment, from $2,100 to nearly $5,000.

      For all your Escape maintenance and repair needs including transmissions and vehicle drivetrain accessories, check out AutoZone. Filter by year, make, model, and engine size for listing that fit your SUV like the factory intended, with Free In-Store and Curbside Pickup or Home Delivery options available.