2004 Ford Explorer Automatic Transmission

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1-12 of 12 Results


      2004 Ford Explorer Automatic Transmission

      The 2004 Ford Explorer transmission is tasked with translating the engine's rotational energy into controlled power that's directed to the wheels. It has hundreds of parts inside that make it function, but if your Explorer won't move or shift like it used to, the transmission might need attention. Some problems can be repaired, but a complete transmission replacement is often the simpler, more reliable procedure, and AutoZone has What It Takes To Do The Job Right.

      How Does an Automatic Transmission Work?

      An automatic transmission converts the engine's power to energy that can be harnessed. A series of gears, clutches, sensors, and solenoids inside the transmission allow it to keep the engine working at an appropriate RPM range using hydraulic power from the transmission fluid. The fluid also cools and lubricates the internal transmission parts to help prevent premature failure. The power is delivered from the transmission to the wheels through driveshafts, making the wheels spin at the speed and in the direction you intend.

      Symptoms of a Bad Transmission

      The 04 Explorer transmission can often last the vehicle's complete lifetime when it's properly maintained, but failures can occur from time to time. Symptoms of a failing transmission vary, but they can include dark and burnt-smelling transmission fluid, harsh shifting between gears, delayed engagement into gear, a severe fluid leak, and an inability to drive in forward, reverse, or both.

      2004 Ford Explorer Transmission Replacement Cost

      It's usually quicker to install a new transmission for 2004 Ford Explorer models than to have it rebuilt, and it's usually more reliable too. It's a significant repair that takes several hours, and if you aren't an experienced DIYer, it's best left to a professional mechanic to install. A replacement transmission will run between $2,000 and $3,100 typically for the assembly alone.

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