2004 Honda Civic Automatic Transmission

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1-16 of 16 Results


      2004 Honda Civic Automatic Transmission

      As you accelerate and slow down, your 2004 Honda Civic transmission is designed to optimize the power delivered to the drive wheels and keep your engine in a workable RPM range. A transmission that isn't shifting properly can leave you stranded, and a minor issue can develop into a costly one. When a transmission repair isn't possible or feasible, changing the complete transmission assembly is the cure. Fortunately, a new or remanufactured transmission is available at AutoZone.

      How Does an Automatic Transmission Work?

      An automatic transmission eliminates the timing and effort required to shift a manual transmission. It employs precisely machined gears, shafts, clutches, and other transmission parts to shift gears as you accelerate depending on your driving input. An automatic transmission allows the driver to maximize the car's performance and efficiency.

      Internally, the 2004 Honda Civic transmission fluid flows throughout to keep moving parts well lubricated and cooled. The fluid also provides hydraulic power inside the valve body to perform critical functions like gear changes.

      Failing Transmission Symptoms

      The transmission is intended to last hundreds of thousands of miles. However, excessive wear, lack of maintenance, and harsh use can contribute to premature failure. If your transmission is failing, you'll notice symptoms that may include hard shifts, an inability to move from neutral without revving up the engine, flaring RPMs as you drive, a major fluid leak under the front of your Civic, or a car that will start but won't drive.

      2004 Honda Civic Transmission Replacement Cost

      It's a large job to change the transmission, but it's necessary to use your car effectively once again. If you're an inexperienced DIYer, it may be best to have a professional mechanic install it for you since it will take several hours, not to mention access to special tools. The parts cost will range from around $1,500 to $5,000 according to the type of gearbox you need. A 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid transmission is at the upper price range.

      For engine repairs, brake parts, suspension and steering, and even vehicle drivetrain accessories for your Civic, choose AutoZone. Filter by year, make, model, and engine size for parts that are designed to work for your car. Need them fast? Choose Home Delivery or Free In-Store Pickup.