Clutch Master Cylinder

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    About Clutch Master Cylinder

    Put a stop to clutch pedal shifting problems with a new clutch master cylinder from AutoZone. A cylinder that is not functioning correctly can make it difficult to disengage the clutch, even when the pedal is fully pressed. Keep your manual transmission shifting smoothly with a new cylinder from reliable brands like Duralast, URO, and Valeo. Get your parts quickly with free next day delivery or pick them up at an AutoZone near you today.

    Clutch master cylinders are crucial components for vehicles equipped with manual transmissions, and when they are worn out they can cause abnormal pedal behavior, like the clutch pedal feeling spongy. This leads to issues with shifting gears, reducing the overall drivability of the vehicle with noticeable symptoms, like rough shifting and failure to shift—the car can even behave as if it were stuck in neutral.

    Don’t put up with a spongy clutch pedal. Take control of your manual transmission today. At AutoZone you can buy a reliable replacement clutch master cylinder. Our parts are specially engineered to fit your vehicle and perform as well or better than the original equipment.

    If you need a Ford Ranger clutch master cylinder, just enter your Ranger’s year, make, model, and engine up above, and we’ll find the parts you need. If you need parts for any other major vehicle, enter your information the same way. We have the parts for your make and model’s manual transmission.

    The clutch master cylinder is connected to the clutch pedal, but there are at least two clutch cylinders, and they are called master and slave. There is only one master cylinder, but there can be multiple slave cylinders depending on how the clutch is configured.

    The clutch master cylinder gives you control over your vehicle’s clutch with the clutch pedal. The cylinder accomplishes this by converting the force of your foot on the pedal into hydraulic pressure. When the pedal is pressed, the master cylinder pushrod enters the master cylinder, and increases pressure in the cylinder by forcing the fluid in the reservoir into a smaller volume of space.

    A small pipe connects the master cylinder to the clutch slave cylinder. This pipe allows for pressure to move from the larger master cylinder into the smaller slave cylinder. Transmission fluid is compressed evenly in both cylinders, but the smaller size of the slave cylinder allows it to exert a greater force.

    Restore your clutch with a new master cylinder from AutoZone today. Get your parts delivered to your door tomorrow or come into an AutoZone near you today.